I tried the Nutrisystem diet and now I'll never believe in subscription weight loss programs again

I tried the Nutrisystem diet and now I'll never believe in subscription weight loss programs again



Subscription weight loss programs are ubiquitous in television ads. They've always piqued my curiosity.

Recently, I tried Nutrisystem — but it left me completely unimpressed and unsatisfied.

Now, I don't believe in any subscription weight loss program, no matter how impressive those before-and-after photos are.

Here are a few reasons why.

1. It's not cheap and the food is awful

Nutrisystem 12

Hollis Johnson

Nutrisystem's diet is primarily composed of frozen or dehydrated food, and a lot of the food is high in sodium. The portion sizes are ridiculously small.

I had to microwave an omelet, and the burger was the size of my palm.

It's also expensive; the most basic meal package is $9.82 per day, or $274.99 for a 4-week package.

I couldn’t believe anyone would willingly pay for these measly, sad meals. The company suggests adding vegetables, protein, and extra carbs to meals. If I'm going to do that, I might as well make my own healthy meal.


Marina Nazario/Business Insider

 2. The meals don't look like what is advertised

Advertisements play a huge role in the popularity of these programs.

Nutrisystem advertises meals that look delicious, like they were home-cooked. But the reality is that these meals are tiny and look off-putting.

If the food looks so different from advertisements, how can we trust the credibility of before-and-after pictures?

3. It's difficult to do a packaged weight-loss program while maintaining a social life. 

What do you do if you go out to eat with friends while you are on the diet program? Do you sit back and watch them eat delicious food while thinking about the gross frozen meal waiting for you at home?

Can you even have a drink with them?

Adhering to these strict programs might leave you tired, hungry, and anxious, since it's hard to partake in social activities.

Making healthier choices without a rigid plan seems more sustainable to me.

4. It's more rewarding if you successfully manage your own diet plan

Yes, some packaged diet programs may work, but wouldn't it be more rewarding if you successfully began and continued a diet on your own?

I’m not underestimating the difficulty of trying to eat healthy. It’s extremely difficult to fight temptation, which is why a packaged weight loss program offers an easy out. A program like Nutrisystem provides a step-by-step timeline for what to eat and when.

Even though I didn't like the Nutrisystem experience, getting into the routine of eating scheduled meals throughout the day was one positive takeaway from the diet.

But I believe that ultimately, learning how to eat healthy on your own can pay off more in the long-term.

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