Hello and welcome to this hypnosis audio programme. I will be guiding you into a relaxed state, where your mind can absorb the suggestions that I give you regarding weight loss and weight management.

spiral-Begin by dimming the lights or turning them off; find somewhere to lie down or to sit comfortably. Take a deep breath, breathing in and exhale; get as comfortable as you can; good. Begin by closing your eyes and just feel your eyelids getting heavier and heavier and heavier or lighter and lighter and lighter and trust that your eyes will remain comfortably shut for the entire session. We’ll begin with a physical relaxation; begin by relaxing your scalp; relax your forehead; relax your eyebrows; relax your eyes; relax your nose; relax your ears; relax your lips. Make sure your teeth are not clenched together. Relax your chin; relax your neck completely; relax your shoulders; relax down to your elbows, down to your wrists; your hands and your fingers relax as well; relax your upper back muscles, all the way down your spine to your lower back muscles; relax your chest; your stomach; relax your waist; relax down to your knees; down to your ankles, your feet and your toes relax as well; good. You should be feeling more relaxed than when we first started, that’s an excellent sign of going into a deeper relaxed state.

Your body is now relaxed and the next part would be for you to relax your mind; and we’re going to do this through visualization that I will walk you through. So imagine yourself lying down; if you have a preference, choose that specific visual for yourself. If it’s okay to visualize yourself by the beach then follow my visualization. The important thing is to feel the feelings I will guide you to feel. You’re lying down on soft, warm, golden sand by the beach and you breathe in that fresh air that you get from being by the beach and you hear the sounds of the waves and you feel the wind brushing against your body and you look up to the sky and you see a beautiful blue sky and the second you see that sky, all your thoughts disappear and your mind becomes quiet, your mind becomes clear and you feel the warmth of the sun helping you to feel relaxed, calm and peaceful, protected, safe, connected and you feel great in every single way; good. Now I will begin a count down from 10 to 0, on each count your own subconscious mind will guide you easily and gracefully to go deeper and deeper, so that by the time you hear 0 you’ll be in the perfect depth for today’s session.

10, clear your mind completely and allow your mind to guide you deeper and deeper and deeper, good; 9, letting go and going deeper and deeper and deeper, good; 8, 7, mind is clear and you feel yourself going deeper and deeper and deeper, good; 6, take a deep breath, breathing in and out; 5, going deeper and deeper and deeper, good; 4; 3; 2; 1 and 0.  Now every single time you hear the sound of my voice during this session, the sound of my voice will continuously guide you to relax completely;  to go deeper and deeper if that is what’s best for you and to surrender to your subconscious mind. No sounds will affect you in any way except to guide you to relax completely.  The only sound you remain interested in is the sound of my voice and perhaps the sound of your subconscious mind communicating to you and both those sounds are guiding you to go deeper and deeper and deeper into this wonderful state of relaxation; beautiful.

Relax your mind, relax your body, relax completely. Now listen to my voice and only my voice, listen only to me and allow your thoughts to fill with what I say, all other sounds which you may hear will only have a calming, soothing effect. You are completely satisfied with a normal, well-balanced, healthy meal. Well- balanced, healthy and moderate meals that will more than satisfy your hunger and appetite and the flavour and tastes of food will be so sharp that your appetite will be satisfied in a way it has never been before. The enhanced taste of food will fill you up quickly and satisfy your hunger easily. The delicate flavour of each morsel of food will be more enjoyable than ever before. You will relish the time that you take to eat, savouring each mouthful as you slow down and delight in the tastes and aroma of your healthy food. You enjoy the tastes and fragrances of your food more than you have ever before. Your well- balanced and healthy meals have already satisfied your physical hunger and your mental appetite. Any food that you try to add to your already satisfied needs will not interest you in any way.  You are feeling so much better, so much healthier, so much happier and so much more vigorous, every single day in every single way. You choose to eat healthy, life giving foods and you notice that those foods taste and smell better than ever before. Eating well balanced meals will cause you to gain energy. In fact each day you will awaken refreshed after a good night’s sleep and with your new lighter physique you will find that your energies have increased and you will feel stronger and healthier as you approach and finally achieve your ideal body weight and physique. If this is best for you, you incorporate healthy foods in all your meals. Healthy fruit and vegetable juices are a natural part of your diet. You choose to eat green veggies once a day, at least. You have mastered the art of conscious eating and you are eating the foods that are best for you. You are easily able to tune into your body and see what it is that your body will like you to eat and you follow through on its wishes with ease and grace. You will lose all the weight you desire easily and gracefully. You will lose your weight in a healthy and gentle way. You are becoming healthier and stronger as you achieve your ideal weight and once you have achieved your ideal weight; once you have created the physique you desire, you will maintain that weight and appearance easily and gracefully and now for the next part of this program.

You are going to tune in to your body and your body will communicate to you through your senses. You might see it, feel it, hear it, smell it, know it, think it and trust that that communication is coming directly from your body. Your subconscious mind now is tuning you in and connecting you to the intelligence of your own body. Clear your mind completely and trust that everything you receive will only come from your body for this part of the program and your body now will communicate to you letting you know what are the foods that are not for your best, foods that it wants you to avoid completely. One by one, let your body communicate those foods to you, starting with the most important one to become aware of and when you become clear, just move on to the next part of communication from your body; just think the word next; beautiful; and if there’s more that your subconscious through your body or directly from your body, let them communicate to you, letting you know what else should you avoid completely; excellent; and now your body will communicate to you, letting you know what are the foods that are best for your body, so again one by one at a pace that’s good for you, your body will communicate to you what are the foods that are best for you and once you are clear you can just think next and you move on to the next; communicate it, the food that is best for you; good, anything else.

While this is happening I’ll set an intention for your subconscious mind that from now on you easily follow through on the suggestions you have received easily, follow through and eat or drink the foods that your body knows are best for you and I set the intention that you have the willpower to choose to avoid; stay away from the foods that are not for your best interest, anything else?; beautiful; and now your subconscious mind will communicate to you letting you know what it knows is or are the best things for you to do for your weight and your subconscious will communicate that to you as specifically as possible. If it’s to do exercise, which exercise? For how long? How many times a week? You will receive that from your subconscious mind right now clearly, easily; good.

If there is anything else your subconscious mind would like to communicate to you, maybe a book that would be helpful for you to read, then your subconscious mind will communicate that information to you right now. If it’s to go see a practitioner, you will receive that information right now; what kind of practitioner? Maybe even more specific what is their name? What is the name of the company, the organization? And if there is any other information that your subconscious mind would like to communicate to you, once you’re done, it  will communicate that to you; good, anything else?; good, excellent.

Now for the next part, your subconscious mind, which is very aware of everything that is going on internally, is going to communicate to you if it’s best for you to know if there is anything from your past that is affecting your weight. Anything that happened in your past that is affecting your weight today; your subconscious mind will communicate that to you; good; and now your subconscious mind will begin doing everything it knows how to do, that is best for you in terms of healing, clearing, releasing, cleansing; all less than love energies, emotions, experiences, beliefs, memories and programs that you might have experienced in the past that are causing you to gain weight or to be overweight. So trust your subconscious mind, speaking in it this moment doing everything it can do to locate those energies, to heal them, to clear them, to release them, to do everything it knows to do that is for your best interest and to replace them with loving, divine energies, emotions, experiences, beliefs, programmes and memories, starting now and continuing as long as it needs until it’s completely done, even after the session is over. I set the intention that we place this healing on autopilot, meaning it’s going to continue doing everything on its own without any conscious efforts on your part and that everything will take place with ease and grace in a divine timing and manner and immediately when there is space left in your energy, that space just gets filled automatically, immediately with loving energy.

If there is any lesson needed to be learnt those experiences that are being worked on and it’s important for you to know what they are, then your subconscious mind will communicate those lessons to you. So clear your mind, if any of those past experiences had a lesson for you, then your subconscious mind will communicate that to you, if it is in your best to know. Okay and if it doesn’t want to communicate that information to you or if it’s for your best then your subconscious mind will integrate all lessons from those experiences into your being, into your brain, into your conscious mind so that they are a natural part of your awareness and your being; beautiful; and now in your mind’s eye or in your imagination; I want to you to imagine your old self, the person you were before starting this session, because you have changed, just by listening to this session; where do you see that self? Where do you see yourself, your old self? The person who listened to this programme, who started listening or the person before who listened to this session, where do you see that person in your imagination to the front of you, to the left of you, behind you, to the right of you, okay and where do you see your present self, this new self? Who has taken action, who is clearing, healing and releasing these energies and committed to being at their ideal weight. Where do you see that person?; good; and now your subconscious mind, if it’s best for you, you will integrate those two beings in  a way so that they both form one complete, whole, divine being; beautiful; and if there are any lees than love energies lingering around from today’s session and throughout I’ll ask your subconscious mind to transform them into loving energy or to send them down into the ground; beautiful; and now I ask your subconscious mind to integrate everything you’ve experience today with ease, with grace and a divine manner and we can set that on autopilot and I recommend that you drink lots of water after listening to this program; beautiful.

I encourage you to write down all the new experiences that you are having after listening to this program so that you become aware that there has been a shift and I recommend you to listen to this program for at least 21 days in a row. You can listen to it while you are sleeping, but you definitely can’t listen to it while you are driving or doing anything that needs your conscious attention. You need to be sitting down or lying down comfortably; beautiful.

Right now, take a deep breath, hold it for a moment and exhale and relax. All of the suggestions I have given to you are now strongly implanted and are a part of you now and will remain with you for as long as they are useful to you. In fact, with every breath that you take, with every beat of your heart, these suggestions become stronger and stronger, they become more and more powerful, more and more impactful. They are manifesting more and more in your life, more and more easily, more and more gracefully. You have become your new habits for health. These suggestions are becoming stronger and stronger and are your new habits for health; beautiful. Now I will count from 0 to 5, when you hear 5 you will completely emerge from the state, feeling great in every single way, feeling very optimistic about your new self, your new thoughts, your new habits; 0; 1; 2, you start to move your hands and your feet; 3, take a deep breath; 4, slowly open your eyes; 5, completely emerged from this state feeling full of life, full of love, full of hope, full of peace and very excited about your new habits.

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