How to Use Weight Loss Vitamins and Nutrients Efficiently?

Sticking to a perfect and balance diet may be considered one of the toughest things to accomplish especially for a long period. Ask the people who have to stay diet conscious all the time. However, there are also some ways which you can use for weight loss and one of the best ways is to use vitamins for weight. There are definitely a few vitamins and supplements which can play a vital role when you are on your way to lose weight and getting your target efficiently. Below is a list of such weight loss vitamins and nutrients which you can use to lose your weight efficiently:

1.Vitamin B12

What is Vitamin B12?

A water-soluble vitamin, whose purpose is red blood cell creation and determining how your body can use consumed calories efficiently, is known as Vitamin B12. The common sources for Vitamin B12 are fish, chicken and beef (mostly animals). Vitamin B12 deficiency is the most found in vegetarian people. People who have been gone through a stomach surgery can have also Vitamin B12 deficiency.

How to Use Vitamin B12 for Weight Loss?

Don’t think that getting Vitamin B12 shots can get you lose weight automatically. It actually works in an indirect manner. As the purpose of Vitamin B12 determines how your body will function while using your calories, it provides the support to your body to convert your food into energy. In this way, the more energy you have, it will be consumed in exercise, which would definitely lead you to lose weight eventually.

2. Fish Oil

What is Fish Oil and how it Works?

Fish oil, also known as Omega 3s, assist your body to improve its metabolism process so that dietary fat and cholesterol may be consumed as soon as possible. In addition to this, fish oil also improves the immune system, enhances your exercise performance level, efficient joint mobility, improved endurance and recovery level, and provides safety for brain cells and other nerves in the body from stress. So it will definitely be worth using as your weight loss vitamin.

3. Chia

This super food is basically a non-fish oil way of adding Omega3 to your body. Along with Omega 3 it also has alpha-Linolenic acid, a fatty acide considered a pretty healthy diet for your body.

How to Add Chia in Your Diet?

There are many seed types of Chia available in the market and you’re free to add any seed type in your daily eating routine as every type provides the same benefits for losing weight.

4. Fiber

You must be surprised to see fiber in the weight loss vitamin list, don’t you? Well, to begin with, it cannot be technically considered a vitamin but it assist the similar indirect ways to accomplish your weight management through dietary fiber.

How it Works?

  • Fill you up so that you may not feel craving to eat anymore
  • Reduction of your appetite
  • Puts you in a mood to have few calories

According to a research study, if you are increasing your fiber intake by 14 grams on average on daily basis, you will eventually be consuming 10% less calories on average per day. So it can be concluded that you can lose your weight more than 4 pounds in a period of four months and you just increased your fiber intake and nothing more than that. According to researchers, high-fiber is three times more powerful than that of using low fat diet on daily basis for weight loss, and most importantly, it allows you to lose weight through the bacteria stimulation present in your gut.

According to another research study of the Institute of Medicine, in the US, people are not consuming enough fiber as recommended. Normally, men and women should be consuming and 38 and 25 grams of fiber on daily basis. However, in the US, an average person is consuming 13 grams fiber, which is way lower than the recommended values.

How to Increase your Fiber Intake?

You can use beta-glucan if you need to increase your fiber intake. Beta-glucan is soluble and therefore it cannot be digested by your body. This definitely means when it will be passing through your body, it will act as a food item which is high in fiber. In case, you don’t want to be surrounded by grains such as barley and oats or you’re on a diet where you cannot eat them, there is no need to worry about. There are many supplements and pills from which you can get beta-glucan. Moreover, it’s not an expensive supplement.

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