How to Practice Fire Meditation

How to Practice Fire Meditation

This is really lesson that our brain does control our body, there's so many things that you think you don't have control over but you really do. So, what we're gonna do is sit comfortably, you want to do some thing with your hands, I usually hold my hands like this, some people put them under knees... and you focus on the core of your body. You will breathe in to your nose, and as I breathe in I wanna feel up my belly so I'll go like this..
Just follow along... If you want to test you can put your one hand on the chest and your one hand on the stomach, you don't wanna move your chest muscles, just breathe out..


Breathe in through your nose, and let you stomach feel it there hold it for a few seconds and let it out through your mouth. The additional you do is you imagine flame on the inside of your body, and everytime you breathe in, you're enhancing that flame, you're stoking that fire.. so breathe into your stomach and feel the flame get bigger and feel it warm you, and as you breathe out, you are just concentrating that flame.. You can just do this for about five minutes, you don't have to do this for a long time..the best thing to do this is everyday. Don't just do it on a weekend, but do it even five minutes a day.


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