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How To Lose Weight Fast

How To Lose Weight Fast

Getting up 30 minutes earlier and doing simple exercises in the morning can burn 3 times more fat than at other time points of the day.

1. Get up early, do exercise and listen to music

Do you know that getting up 30 minutes earlier and doing simple exercises in the morning can burn 3 times more fat than at other time points of the day? Doing workout and listening to your favourite song will stimulate and encourage you to do your exercise longer. In fact, people who enjoy their music while working out for one year will lose 2 times more weight than those who do exercise without music.

2. Don’t skip breakfast

Studies show that people who don’t have breakfast regularly accumulate body fat 4 times higher than those who eat frequently. It means breakfast will stabilise the metabolic process and blood sugar. If you wait until 10 a.m or afternoon to eat, your metabolic process will slow down and stop burning your fat.

3. Drink water or vegetable juice before eating

Drinking a glass of water before meal will decrease your appetite and increase your satiety. Reducing the amount of food intake plays an important role in weight loss and this is also a healthy, fast method to shed fat. If you feel bored with fresh water before eating, you can replace it with vegetable and fruit juice. Tomato juice, carrot juice, broccoli juice or squash juice. Example, are all delicious.

4. Increase daily fiber intake

Studies reveal that fiber helps you digest foods easily, lose weight and decrease your appetite. Therefore, if you intend to shed weight, you should increase the fiber intake in your daily diet. A lot of fiber is contained in fresh vegetables and fruits, which are the best food source for your diet.

5. Burn fat by taking the stairs

Restricting the use of elevator and walking up the stairs instead can make you legs look more proportional. This is also a good habit to burn excess fat and lose weight effectively.


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