How to lose a lot of weight fast with innovative egg recipes

How to lose a lot of weight fast with innovative egg recipes


David Hamel |

David Hamel |

It is a known fact that eggs are rich in protein and anyone who wants to learn the secret of how to lose a lot of weight fast must be ready to consume a massive amount of eggs. It is easily one of the best ways to get your body fat burning and losing the belly and lower body fat that you’ve always hated. However, most people tend to get bored after a while as eating boiled eggs everyday can numb their taste buds and fill them with dread at the mere sight of it. Eating healthy to lose weight quickly does not necessarily have to be a painful task. Here’s how you can learn how to lose a lot of weight fast by simply coming up with innovative egg recipes that also burn body fat.

  1. Egg Sandwich

This is an excellent way to load up on protein and fiber from whole grains. Choosing whole wheat bread over its white counterpart can be extremely beneficial and keep you feeling fuller for longer. Slicing up boiled eggs and layering them on one slice of toasted bread, topping it with a few slices of tomatoes and avocadoes can give you a wholesome breakfast or post – workout snack. This sandwich will not only keep your hunger pangs at bay but will also help in muscle recovery and burning excess body fat.


  1. French Toast

French Toast is a dessert or breakfast option that people usually steer clear of thinking its bad when on a ‘diet’. This is far from truth. French toast can be extremely wholesome if you use the right ingredients and the fact that the bread soaks up the milk and eggs mix makes it even more nutritious. To ensure your taste buds celebrate while still burning body fat, choose low fat milk or any kind of nut milk. Sweeten it with natural sweeteners like honey or dates and replace the white bread with whole wheat bread. Once ready, top with thick Greek yogurt and berries and you have a wholesome meal that burns fat while you enjoy the deliciousness.

  1. Create a Frittata

Usually, when you eat eggs to lose weight you either boil them or scramble them. However, there is so much more you can do to them that increase its delicious factor. When you want to know how to lose a lot of weigh fast, eat a frittata for dinner every once in a while. It is like a crust-less pie made with several eggs and sautéed veggies and meat of your choice. It is light yet filling, not to mention it torches body fat and makes you lean and toned.


Eggs are a protein rich ingredient and perfect for when you are trying to learn how to lose a lot of weight fast and effectively. Spruce up your breakfasts and other meals by creating delicious recipes that make the egg a hero.


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