How to drop the pounds and get a healthy glow with Dr. Friedman’s diet plan

How to drop the pounds and get a healthy glow with Dr. Friedman’s diet plan

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Eating right has always been a concern for the umpteen individuals who are trying to lose some weight and look fit and healthy again. If you belong to this category then you will certainly agree that your indecisiveness over what should be eaten has led you to go through weeks of yo – yo dieting, which does nothing good for your system and only ends up with you packing double the pounds than what you had before.

To counter this problem effectively, Dr. Friedman, a nutrition expert has come up with a hassle – free diet plan that tells you exactly what you should eat and foods that you should positively avoid for super fast weight loss.


Dr. Friedman lays down some ground rules that you must follow without fail for this program to be a success. These are essentially as follows:

1. No grains

Refrain from eating any kind of grains or products that are made from grains. Therefore, you must not consume bread, rice, pasta, breakfast cereal or anything that uses flour made from grains.


2. No Sugar

Sugar is the ultimate killer of your weight loss programs. Not only does this mean that you’ve got to cut it out from your teas and coffees; you also need to say goodbye to cakes and cookies and all other kinds of baked and cooked sweets.


3. Natural food

Vegetables and fruit are the best for your body. In addition to this, adequate protein intake is also a must.


4. Change up your protein options

Never have the same kind of protein more than once on a given day.

Simply knowing what to eat and avoid is not the solution. Anything in excess is certainly like poison. Therefore, if you aren’t careful and eat too much off the good stuff, then the best diet for weight loss can also be bad news for you. In order to ensure that you are eating the right portions, follow these rules:


  1. Each of your meal must include anywhere between 4 and 6oz of protein. Ideally you should consume at least ½ the amount of your ideal body weight as protein.
  2. The only exception to limited eating is applicable to vegetables. You can eat as many as 2 cups of vegetables everyday without any worry.
  3. Fruits account for ½ to 1 cup for every serving. To get the most out of your fruit, it is best to eat it raw.

There are also certain probiotic and prebiotic foods that are extremely helpful when trying to lose weight. If you want the secret to how to lose weight very fast, the best thing to do is avoid dairy at all costs. The only dairy product that you can eat is about 1 serving of yogurt a day.

Eating right is not complicated. It is your mind your have to bring in control. Eat the foods that your body craves and there is nothing that can stop you from losing weight.


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