Homeopathic Medicines That Help In Weight Loss

With increasing pressure to win the race called life and become successful. People are working harder than ever and neglecting their personal health to a great level. People are bent on ignoring personal aspects in order to make more time for work related aspects. The parents are working in order to provide a better life style to the children and the children are being neglected in the process. This working life style has led to the increase in the use of packaged foods, junk food, processed food or any kind of food that can be prepared in a short time and is potent enough to fill the stomach and prevent the wastage of time which preparing food requires. This has resulted in the production of people who are unhealthy and physically unfit. The people are obese and are looking for ways to shed those excess pounds in order to regain their shape. This has led to the development of several strategies and medicines to help the people lose this extra weight. One such way is Homeopathic weight loss, homeopathy also a contender in these strategies has emerged as a leading choice for the loss of weight.

Homeopathic Medicines

Homeopathic Weight Loss Using Medicines

There are a large number of medications that are homeopathic in origin and are prescribed by homeopathic doctors that can be used effectively for weight loss. Some of them have been listed as follows:

  • Calcarea carbonate: primarily obtained for the outer covering shell of oysters. The layer is extracted and mixed with fructose. The substance obtained, called as the extract is subjected to dilution, like all homeopathic weight loss medicines are as the medicines are required to contain only a fraction of the entire substance, subjecting to requirement. Calcarea carbonate is used primarily to reduce fat. Calcarea can also be used to treat sluggishness and slow metabolic rates in the person. But the most important thing is to consult your doctor before taking the medication. Lazy people with sluggish metabolism and flabby muscles are the ones who would benefit from this medication the most.
  • Lycopodium extract: Lycopodium is a medicinal plant that is used extensively in homeopathic medicines. It is very beneficial for weight loss. The primarily target of lycopodium is the buttocks and thighs. Lycopodium is used in patients who have other problems like flatulence and constipation too as it cures these problems too. Lycopodium can also be used for the treatment of mild neurological disorders like anxiety and depression. It helps the people who have a weak liver and sugar cravings.
  • Graphites: this homeopathic remedy is derived from carbon. The primary target of graphite is the obesity which is the result of improper absorption of nutrients in the body. Graphite has an additional benefit to cure the person’s oedema when the oedema is minor and non-medical in nature. Graphites are recommended to people with a big body built who tend to have a large appetite and are foodies who want to eat between meals and along with meals.
  • Natrum Mur: much like lycopodium, natrum mur is also used to target the excessive body fat that is located in the buttocks and thighs. Natrum mur specializes in targeting the fat gained due to neurological disturbances like depression and stress. Natrum mur helps the person in fighting the craving for salts and carbohydrates.
  • Nux Vomica: this homeopathic medicine is the best for people who have a sedentary life style. This medicine is really suitable for people who have a sitting or office job and work along office hours without having to move anywhere.

Homeopathic Medicines

  • Antimonium crudum: this medicine works wonders for obese children who want to lose weight. The children most suitable to be treated by this medication include the ones who are irritated very easily and find it very averse to bathe with cold water. These obese children have a craving for acidic substances and have a disturbed gastric balance resulting in a tongue that is coated with bacteria.
  • Aurum metallicum: this medicine works wonders for patients who are obese as well as complain of hypertension. It can also be used for patients who have atherosclerosis or plaque deposition in the arteries. It does wonders for curing minor psychological problems and functions well as a mood elevator. Obese people who had a history of hypertension and depression will be most benefited using these medications.

Thus we see how the use of homeopathy is not limited to a particular zone but can be used to treat the problem of excess fat and obesity in the most effective way. HOMEOPATHIC WEIGHT LOSS is the most practical method of weight loss available at the present time and the side effects are negligible as compared to the other methods of treatment of weight loss. This is the reason why you should op for homeopathic weight loss.

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