The Growing Dad Bod Trend

The Growing Dad Bod Trend


Meet viewers Lorraine and Alfred, who used to stay active and eat healthy together before they had children. Now, Lorraine shares her concerns about Alfred’s expanding waistline.

It's easy to write off the dad bod phenomenon as just the latest buzzword. But today, we're gonna dig a little deeper and find out why they happen, and why some women actually find them sexy. It has doctors like myself a little bit concerned, because a belly can signal a health risk. Which is why one of my viewers is worried about her husband's dad bod.

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"Dr. Oz, my husband. Alfred, has a dad bod. He's not obese, and I'm still very attracted to him. But over the years, he's gotten a little full around the belly." --Lorraine

"My Belly is huge, My kids call it basketball." --Alfred

When Alfred was young, he had an incredible body, he was very active and athletic. When we first started dating, we made fitness a priority. We made healthy meals together, we went to the gym together, and every year we would run the Turkey Trot together on thanks giving morning. But ever since we had kids, Alfred has let himself go, and he always makes excuses.


"I'm exhauted, I'm usually have a long commute, I work late, I travel a lot. Knees hurt."

I think his knees hurt because of all the weight he's gained. Lots of times Alfred will just grap takeout---whether it's a slice of pizza or something else on the go rather than cooking a healthy meal. And then we do sit down to eata meal together, he tends to overeat. Ialways say he's an avid member of the clean plate club.

"I admit it. I can be a human garbage disposal. I usually grab all the leftovers on the kid's plates, as I'm cleaning up the dishes, I'm cleaning up the plates."

I may not be a doctor, but I know that a big waistline is not healthy.


Watch Full Episode Here

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