How to Get Skinny in a Week?

How to Get Skinny in a Week?

Is it possible to eat right and get skinny in a week? 7-Day Weight Loss plan says: yes, it is possible. Consume food sources that help you burn fat, prevent fat storage and provide you with energy. In order to achieve a visible weight loss in a week, you are required to eat right, exercise wholeheartedly and alter your lifestyle to make it healthier.


It is necessary to set realistic goals concerning weight loss. Also, your current weight and body type have effects on weight loss process. Continue reading to be introduced to 7-Day diet plan that adopts a steady decrease in calories per day policy. To get better and quicker results, you are suggested to make healthy changes concerning lifestyle and increase frequency of workouts and their duration.

There are different body types and it is suggested to know your body type prior to dieting. The three forms of body include: ectomorphic, mesomorphic and endomorphic and let us discuss them in some details to find out how to lose weight quickly.

  1. Ectomorphic Body Type

Skinny people they all fall into this particular body type category. We are describing individuals with very little fat and muscle and have more delicate bone structure than others. Ectomorphic body type people are naturally skinny and it is easier for them to get rid of extra weight if they need. To give you a real life example: a popular American singer Taylor Swift has ectomorphic type of body.

  1. Mesomorphic Body Type

These people build muscles naturally however they are vulnerable to gain fat quickly. Good news is that: individuals with mesomorphic body type find it easy to lose extra weight. Jessica Biel, a very well-known and respected American actress is an owner of mesomorphic type of body.

  1. Endomorphic Body Type

People with endomorphic type of body have to work hard to control their body fat and it is a hard task for them to lose weight. These individuals have complicated body that needs more efforts to make changes. Endomorphic body type can be seen in a popular American singer Beyoncé.


You are headed to drop some extra pounds? If yes, than keep these points in mind to get it done successfully:

  1. Your body type has a significant influence on your weight loss progress. As we have covered earlier, there are 3 forms of body types and they behave differently when it comes to weight loss.
  2. You are suggested to know your body type and expect results basing on that. The form of your body can be one of three that we have discussed above: ectomorphic, mesomorphic or endomorphic. Approach a health expert if you are not sure what type of body you have.
  3. Set realistic goals basing on what your body can do. This way, you won’t be disappointed afterwards. Weight loss requires dedication from you, no matter what kind of diet you are having. Note that goals are achievable however they need to be realistic goals!
  4. Health Care must be the number one priority and your primary goal should be maintaining healthy lifestyle, eating healthy and minimizing stress level. If you will religiously follow these principles, your skinny look will come to you itself.


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