Fundamental Fitness Tips for Seniors


It is imperative to consult a doctor prior to getting involved in some sorts of physical exercises. Doctors proclaim – fitness activities are safe for the majority of older adults, no matter they are diagnosed with stable chronic conditions, arthritis, diabetes or heart disease. Let us present and discuss some of the powerful health-friendly fitness tips for seniors.


Make Exercises Your Habit/ Aerobic Activities

Try to stay physically active everyday! Most of seniors have plenty of free time and that should be invested into physical exercises for stronger well being. Whether your fitness program is comprised of jogging, aerobics, walking, stairs climbing, personal trainer services, working out at your local gym or home - the key here is to be involved in active physical exercises in a consistent manner.

If your age is older than 65 – it is recommended to get at least 150 minutes of moderate/intensity aerobic exercises per week or 75 minutes in case your physical activities are done with a large amount of effort,” says Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). To sum up – one of the most profound fitness tips for seniors is to commit exercises on daily basis.

Improve your Strength/ Pump some Muscles

Summer is the perfect season if you are a senior and headed to get some pump ups and be in a good shape. Weightlifting burns calories, improves muscle tone, strengthens your joint and help you body utilize energy in more efficient way. Metabolic rate also greatly benefits as physical exercises increase the resting metabolic rate.

An important fitness tip for seniors: start with light weight dumbbells of 1 to 2 pounds and try variety of weightlifting exercises such as bicep curls, chest press or triceps extension. It is recommended to complete 10 to 15 repetitions when you work on those 3 areas of your body.

Your own bodyweight can be used to commit exercises such as modified pushups, squats or lunges. As majority of older adults find it difficult to make pushups on the floor - fitness experts recommend performing Wall Push-ups and repeat the exercise 10 times.


Flexibility and Balance Exercises

Exercises that improve flexibility and balance, and help reduce aches and pains, prevent injuries, stiff joints and falls are: Yoga, Tai Chi and Stretching and Balancing exercises. Fitness tips for seniors and exercises mentioned here come both in a physical and mental form. Flexibility and balance exercises are imperative to reduce stress and anxiety which may have a serious potential harm to older adults’ well being. American Heart Association suggests taking 3 or more fitness days a week to reduce probability of falls in seniors.

Further reading and additional Tips and Ideas

Fitness program greatly contributes to your health at every age. As we age - regular exercises should become an active, ultimate and vital part of our daily life. At the same time however – the physical limitations start appearing and require you to modify your fitness program to (or develop your own based on your doctor’s instructions) make it balanced and friendly for your age. Fitness tips for seniors mentioned here are fundamental for achieving strong health in older ages.



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