Foods that ruin your fast weight loss plans

Foods that ruin your fast weight loss plans


Marcin Paszkiewicz |

Marcin Paszkiewicz |

Losing weight is something everyone wants. Every person living under the sun wants to look toned and lean, fit and strong. Most people believe that torturing themselves for hours at the gym is the only way out. However, nutrition and eating right accounts for 80% of your weight loss. Therefore, if you’re looking for fast weight loss diet plans then having a strict watch over what goes inside your stomach is very important too. You can indulge in a cheat meal once in a while but eating clean the rest of the time combined with right exercise is the only way that you can speed up your weight loss process. Given below is a list of foods that you should never eat if you really have fast weight loss plans.


  1. Frozen foods

You may think that frozen foods are an answer to your prayer for preparing quick meals at home. You might prepare your foods from scratch thinking you’re eating clean. However, if you veggies and meat come from the frozen section of the supermarket aisle, you’re never going to lose all the body fat.  Fresh foods like fruits and veggies cannot survive for month long and even yearlong periods on their own. Therefore, they are loaded with sodium, which acts as a preservative. Excessive consumption of this can leave you feeling bloated and tired. This will put all your fast weight loss plans to shame.

  1. Foods low in fat

This is a new marketing trick up food companies’ sleeves. They sell their salad dressings, sauces and dips labeling them, ‘low fat’. This obviously entices a consumer thinking the low fat will help them burn their body fat efficiently. There are two reasons why low fat foods are the absolute worst torture you can put your body through. Firstly, because the food is low in fat, your psychology tells you to eat more. Secondly, when fat is removed from these foods, their flavor is majorly affected. In order to make up for this loss in flavor, added sugar makes its way into these foods. They can throw your entire system off balance and weight loss is the last thing that will happen to you.


  1. Breakfast Cereal

Many people have a misconception that letting their children start the day with a bowl of cereal and milk is the healthiest start to their day. However, cereals are known to have an incredibly high amount of sugar. Besides, the fact that it has been advertised as healthy makes you more prone to eat a lot of it. This is bad for your weight loss strategies.

  1. Juices and diet sodas

Drinking fruit juices whether store bought or squeezed freshly at home is certainly going to ruin your fast weight loss plans. On an average, on glass of orange juice can contain anywhere between 6 and 8 oranges. When you drink juice, you only consume sugars and flavor. All the natural fiber is lost. You only increase your calorie intake without feeling full.

These are the foods you absolutely must avoid if you want to have successful fast weight loss plans.

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