Fit in Five: Chest by Johnny Rich

Looking great and staying in shape at 51 years old!  Johnny Rick shows you a few must workout tips that will help you Lose Weight Very Fast and keep the weight off.  I hope you enjoy these videos as much as we have uploading them for you!


Johnny Rich's Fit in 5 program is for anyone who has a busy schedule. Yes you can get in shape in just Five minutes! Just play any of the seven five minute videos and you won't believe how easily you can maintain a muscle group and get a great burn in that little amount of time.
The routines are based on isometrics; you simply keep a constant level of tension on a specific muscle group for five minutes. Johnny coaches you through each routine while describing the muscles and commenting on breathing techniques. In a short period of time you can change your body and your health with these simple five-minute routines.

Now anyone who doesn't have an hour to put in a gym and likes to workout realizes that muscle has memory and you can stimulate and isolate certain muscles with these five-minute videos.
So if you're traveling, at the office or at home you can play the videos anytime and follow Johnny with or without the resistance bands that he uses. While Johnny coaches you through the routines there is also motivating music playing in the background!

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