Most people think about the gym when they consider fast weight loss plans, but it doesn't mean that that is the only kind of exercise that you can or need to do. There are tons of exercise options you can engage in from playing basketball, to running, to skipping, and rock climbing etc.


Exercise is any form of activity that elevates your heart rate and takes your body outside of its normal comfort zone. It is important to note that while choosing your super fast weight loss exercise regimen that there is no such thing as the BEST weight loss exercise as what is best for someone else, may not be too good for you, keeping in mind that it is on a long term basis. It is wise to choose activities that you are comfortable with, enjoying doing and can stick with. The best exercise is the one you enjoy; this is because if you enjoy it, youll do it. For example, running is a formidable calorie burner, but if you get bored out of your wits by running, or if you hate the high-impact nature of it, or it just generally doesnt feel right, its not going to help you lose weight or get fit, because you might skip exercising on some days which can be dangerous on the long run to your weight loss plans. So avoid becoming another exercise drop out by finding and sticking with activities you enjoy. This may take some experimenting but a little trial and error will go a very long way to finding the right exercise for your body. The efforts we make to release unhealthy physical weight are efforts we need to continue for life at some level, in order to sustain our results. We want to make exercise a part of our healthy lifestyle, so take the opportunity to identify the types of exercise you enjoy most while working towards your weight loss goals.

If you are a nature lover, you can hit the hiking trails for a fresh air aerobic exercise that is sure to tone your entire body. Depending on the topography of the place, and how vigorous of a hike you go on, you can burn up to 500 calories during a one-hour hike. (1)

Running is also a great excuse to get outside, especially while the weather is getting warmer. Spring is the perfect time for outdoor runs, make an adventure out of it and explore different areas in your neighborhood or park.

If you are an indoor lover, there are vast number of exercises you could try out too, including cleaning your home manually, could help you burn fat.

Remember, if you don't like a certain type of exercise, it will not be long before you stop engaging in it so as earlier stated, it is important to find things that work for you and that you like and will stick with. In the end super fast weight loss comes from a few factors not just cardiovascular. You will also have to have proper meal planning and resistance training if you want to see the best results.


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