Fastest Way to Shrink Belly Fat Without Diet and Exercise

Fastest Way to Shrink Belly Fat Without Diet and Exercise


It is known that citrus fruits contain acids that encourage the breakdown of fat. This diet will help you lose weight fast and this will motivate you to continue to adhere to the diet.Despite having fruit acids, citrus fruits have vitamins and other beneficial ingredients that positively affect metabolic processes in the body.

If your daily diet includes citrus fruits – oranges , tangerines , lemons , grapefruit or lime , you can lose a few pounds without holding any particular diet . Researches show that citrus fruits help in burning fat because they contain enzymes that promote digestion. In addition, they are rich in vitamin C and that speeds up the metabolism and eliminates toxins from the body. The introduction of citrus fruits to your regular diet, can have only positive sides, so that this form of the citrus diet is in a way flawless.

Here is a drink recipe that incorporates citrus fruits and helps you lose the excess belly fat. The results are really amazing and you will feel energetic all the time.


4 lemons

2 lime

1/2 grapefruit

12 mint leaves

2 liters water


Juice the citrus fruits, finely chop the mint leaves, pour the water and let this stay for 30-40 minutes. Consume during the day and avoid consuming high-carb meals.

Note: If the consumption of grapefruit interferes with your medication then substitute the grapefruit with an orange or 2 tangerines.



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