Exclusive Interview with Johnny Rich-Health Guru-Nutritionist-Reveals Exclusive Weight Loss Tips to look and feel 24 Years Younger

Exclusive Interview with Johnny Rich-Health Guru-Nutritionist-Reveals Exclusive Weight Loss Tips to look and feel 24 Years Younger….You Won’t Believe His Age!   Check it out right here….


D: Welcome to loseweightveryfast.com. I’m really excited today because I'm with my really good friend Johnny Rich and for my audience this is a real treat because you’re going to get some strong feedback and a lot of expert to weight lose, health and fitness and just a better body and I’m really looking forward to you guys learning from this and implementing this and I want you guys to meet a very good friend of mine, Johnny Rich; here we go; what are the two things that I should focus on, talk to me.

JR: Everybody wants the panacea of life when it comes to nutrition, everybody wants a quick answer, and everybody wants a magic pill. There are some secrets and we’re going to share those secrets and quick little health tips. Dan brings up some very important discussions and one of them is, how do I lose weight quickly? Is it possible? Yeah it is possible, if you understand the human body. If you’re 20 or 30 pounds overweight, you want to know, like I want to know, how to lose the weight quickly. There are some ways to lose it quickly and what you have to take into consideration is your body fat, am I holding water, it’s probably a combination of the both of them. Alright, so what you want to do is first of all make a decision, so if you got a month or two to lose let’s say 25 pounds, you can definitely do it.

First of all you want to drink as much water as you can throughout the day, because the more water you drink, the more water you flush out of your system. So if you’re just drinking coffee, a couple of coffees in the morning and you’re drinking maybe just a glass of water at night, you’re not going to lose any water weight, okay. A little trick, high B vitamins, B12, B-complex that will also help flush water out. I would definitely consider getting yourself some B-Complex if you are not doing any supplements at all.

Let’s talk about speeding up your metabolism. If you are only eating one meal a day, what does that mean? That means your body is going to shut down the metabolism, literally, your body is going to hold on to little calories it has. So if you are one of these girls who only eats once a day, like at the end of the day, you’re going to get yourself in some trouble; you’re going to start gaining weight, that’s what’s going to happen. You’re not going be a fat, you’re not going to be somebody who is going to be in shape any time soon, there’s no way. So you’ve got to up your meals per day, they’ve got to be small, healthy meals and the way to eat healthy without it being bland is that you have to add spices to your food, so if you want to do, let’s say you do your egg whites in the morning, it’s a common sort of body builder fitness type diet. You do your egg whites in the morning, you have a small amount of oatmeal, but not much, what do you do with the oatmeal, you don’t put sugar in it, you just add a little bit of brown cinnamon. Okay, again if you are sensitive to carbohydrates and I have said this on other interviews, if you are sensitive to carbohydrates, stay away from the grain type carbohydrates; take a look at the fibrous carbohydrates which are broccoli and tomatoes

D: So let me just interject, so you’re saying in the morning, stay away, you recommend not having cereal in the morning or oatmeal in the morning; you’re saying that basically cereal is fattening.

JR: I would say stay away from cereal, your commercial type cereal, because it’s really made from like flour and wheat and sugar and we all know what that does, it gets digested very quickly. So if you can find a product out there that has complex carbohydrates, like a brown rice base; I would eat it in moderation, but again I would kind of stay away from carbohydrates. Stay away from flour, stay away from pancakes and waffles, that sort of thing.

D: Johnny, tell me your routine, you wake up in the morning , what’s the first thing you when you get out of your bed, tell me your routine within 2 hours; now I’m sorry to be kind of overzealous (JR: Okay) but my audience needs to know your secret, because it’s obviously working for you.

JR: Are we rolling?

D: We’re rolling

JR: Are you a hundred percent sure?

D: I’m sure, I’m sorry, I’m looking it is on and it is blinking.

JR: Okay so we’ve got plenty of room in there

D: Tell me you’re routine.

JR: Okay so my routine; I set out about 3 months ago I was overweight, I was about 215, I’m 6 feet tall and I’ve always been around 185/ 190 but after the past 7-10 years I’ve put on some weight, so what I did is, I did a little research and I realized that and I have read just like anyone else would read; you’ve got to put it to the test though, when you read something. I did a big, large cup of black coffee, no sugar, no sweetener ever; you want to regulate your sugar. Anytime you put a sweetener or brown sugar, any kind of white sugar, even honey, it’s going to spike up your sugar levels. You want to avoid that, you want to maintain a nice, steady insulin level throughout the day, so you don’t want to release insulin. What happens is as soon as you consume sugar it spikes up the hormone insulin and what happens with that calorie, is it gets stored as fat very quickly.  So with that being said, you want to have a big large cup of black coffee and then you want to hit your cardio routine, it can be anything from elliptical, the treadmill or the bike, or you can take a 10 r 20 mile bike ride; but I would do that actually before your first meal. Now why do we do that? Because after 15 minutes, your body cannot produce the hormone glycogen or glucose, so it’s going to need quick energy after about 15 minutes, so when you raise, you elevate your heart rate; you’re going to elevate your heart rate with cardio. After 15 minutes you’re going to start pulling from the fat cell and you’re going to actually start burning fat at that point. Now what the caffeine does, the caffeine actually binds itself to the fat molecule, this has been proven, the research is everywhere you look, okay it's been proven, that's why you see caffeine in a lot of supplements a lot of products. They add caffeine with some other type, like chromium, a dual combination.  The reason why they do that is because it works. Okay, so immediately after you’re done doing no more than 30 to 45 minutes of cardio, you have to have that meal already in place. You have to have the protein which is your egg whites or poultry, a little bit of red meat but I would do that moderation and  I would also add a little bit of complex carbohydrates, which basically what that means is it’s time released carbohydrate.  If you have like refined flour, that will get digested very quickly okay and that turns to fat very quickly.

D: So give me an example of a complex carb.


JR: A complex carbohydrate would be a brown rice or millet or tomatoes; there’s a good amount of carbohydrates in the tomato, but it’s fibrous and it’s really considered a time released source of energy.

D: Okay, there are those schools of thought of people that should eat something before they workout in the morning or not, what do you recommend? if you can get by not eating anything, is that the healthy way? You know is it ok to eat a banana before you go to the gym or just drink water? Tell me what you...

JR: I personally, if I'm going to do cardio, I don't like to eat anything, ok I like, again either the green tea or coffee. There’s and a small amount of caffeine in it, coffee of course has a bit more, that caffeine will bind itself to the fat cell during cardio. If you’re going to work out I would do, easily you can consume a banana or a piece of papaya or pineapple. Small amount of fruit, but only in the morning and only if you think you need it.

D: Rich, you were telling me last month, you actually brought up a good point of some really good supplements I should take before eating a meal, can you just indulge on that.

JR: Garcinia cambogia complex with chromium, there’s 60 tablets in this. Excellent, excellent product to help you regulate your sugar and again this stops the absorption of sugar in the liver, very important to lose weight. Okay another very important thing is I developed a line of loose-leaf tea products; there’s four of them. One of them is skinny detox, another one is energy, another one is relax. Here’s skinny detox right here. Okay this has got all organic loose leaf tea in it. It's got 6 different ingredients in it.  It is organic basil, spearmint, lemon blossom; there's rose hips, high in vitamin C, it’s anti- stress. This is actually, I think it's an awesome product, I took it for about 2 weeks; I lost 10 pounds like this. It does a detoxification; it actually helps clear out the digestive tract, so you can better absorb nutrition, which is one of the more important things to think, like if you're eating well, but you’re lethargic and tired, get skinny detox. The Skinny detox will reverse that problem. Skinny detox is loose leaf tea and it's 100 percent organic. You go reviteas.com, so it's my pleasure to share this with you. I'd also like to thank Dan for having me and for more health tips please stay connected to loseweightveryfast.com, stay healthy!


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