Another superfast weight loss tip on how to lose weight very fast is eating at regular intervals. Although the latest studies have shown that meal frequency is not related to weight loss, it can still be a good idea to eat at regular intervals. The reason is because recent studies have shown that skipping meals can cluster together and cause unhealthy eating behaviors. If you think you’ll lose 20 pounds the safe way by skipping meals and cutting calories, you are deeply mistaken. When you skip meals you force your body into starvation mode, which means you’re going to be craving everything in sight and storing it as fat instead of using it to feed your body. This makes you hungry all the time and also makes you gain weight, instead of losing it.


The most efficient way to lose weight is to spread your meals evenly throughout the day and to get the proper balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in your diet. If you find yourself fighting hunger pains when you’re eating three square meals, you may want to switch to eating six smaller meals a day. Small-sized food portions spaced every 3 hours is a healthier option to large portions of food taken three times a day. This way your metabolism is always working on something and never begging for food. It has become a trend for dieticians and nutritionists to help you plan diets around the theory that the body’s metabolism goes up if you keep eating at short intervals rather than if you eat two or three big meals a day.


You could start with meal plans for each day by creating a food journal. Let’s start with breakfast… It is easy to skip breakfast for 5-10 extra minutes of sleep, but research shows that those who don’t wake up to a nutritious breakfast actually feel hungrier and crave more high fat foods during the day as the body tries to make up for the lost calories it should have been given earlier. In spacing your meals, it is preferable that you eat breakfast within 1 hour of rising from bed and to eat every 3 hours after that because eating every 3 hours keeps your blood sugar levels steady. For lunch and throughout the rest of the day, unless you are asleep, don't let more than four hours go between meals, you could take mini healthy snacks instead of nothing at all. Failing to eat frequently will slow down your metabolism and if you wait too long, you are more likely to overeat and not take the time to make the healthiest choice which can be very threatening to your fast weight loss plans. Protein is great in small amounts, but avoid eating too much of it because it takes longer to digest and could keep you awake instead raise up the volumes of carbohydrate to induce sleep. While deciding dinner, it is important that you stop eating 3 hours before bedtime for easy digestion.


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