Easy But Effective Weight Loss Tips


In order to lose weight consistently, you need to combine exercise with good eating habits. Exercise alone will not help you lose weight when you cancel its effects by eating the wrong stuff. Here are simple weight lose tips that are quite easy to follow. Your workout routines will bear more fruit when you keep your diet under control.

1. Keep track of what you eat

Most people are not conscious of how much they eat. But if they were to keep a record of what they ate, they would truly surprised at the quantity of their intake. Therefore, maintain a journal to keep track of what and how much you eat. This will help you keep your diet under control.

Over a two week period, keep a record of your intake. This will show you how much calories you are consuming. It will also show you what bad foods are in your diet, and the kind of foods that you need to include in your diet to make it more balanced.

2. Think before you eat

Too many people eat absent-mindedly. They have no clue as to how the bowl of chicken nuggets or pale of ice cream got onto their laps. If you are in the habit of eating unconsciously, almost as blindly as chain smokers put a cigarette to their lips, then you need to change your habits.

Do not eat when you are involved in some other activity like driving, or watching TV. This could lead to eating unconsciously. Also, try to avoid eating between meals.

3. Plan your meals in advance

If you plan your intake and stick to it rigorously, you would not eat more than you need. You would eat healthy foods and avoid impulsively eating the wrong kind of foods. If you plan well, you can totally avoid fast foods or frozen meals which are not really healthy for the body.

4. Try burst exercises

Most people try to burn all their fat through cardiovascular exercises, but do not see the results they desire. Studies have begun to show that exercising with intervals could produce better results. Exercising in short bursts can actually help women lose fat in their arms and thighs quite effectively.

5. Exercise with your body mass

You can use your body weight to your advantage during exercise. Instead of lifting light-weight dumb bells, do exercises that make you lift your body weight instead. Choose exercises that will increase your metabolic rate and help burn up your fat.

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