How to Drop Weight Fast

How to Drop Weight Fast


If you’re working on how to drop weight fast, you’d want to save time by skipping fad diets because their results don’t last long.

Let’s also ignore options that will make you hungry and unsatisfied.

Opt for safe, healthy and natural diet instead.

Weight loss is about burning calories. Burning 500 or more calories a day means losing 1 to 2 pounds of weight.

The following plan can help you if you’re thinking about super-fast weight loss:

Drop Weight Fast by Practicing the Right Eating Habits:

Write up your meal plans, measure your portions, and eat a balanced diet.

Switch on to Water:

Quit beverages like sports drinks, energy drinks, light beer or fruit juices. They don’t satisfy you the way the same amount of food does.

Drink water mainly because it is known as the perfect slim-down drink. Why? It has little to no sodium and zero calories and carbs, while beverages and many other liquids are high in sodium and carbohydrates. Both sodium and carbohydrates make your body retain water and puff you out.


Water increases your metabolism and flushes out toxins and excess water weight. You can add mint leaves or a few drops of lemon into it for flavor and additional benefits.

Say ‘NO’ to Starches and Sugars:

Sugars and white grain products like white rice, sandwich rolls, and spaghetti have simple carbs, which increase bloating. They also stimulate insulin secretion the most. Insulin is the main fat storage hormone in our bodies.

 Cutting down on sugars and starches lowers the insulin level in the body. It also burns fat and sheds excess water and sodium out of your body, which reduces unnecessary water weight and bloat.

Replace white bread, pasta, i.e. starches and sugars with low-carb vegetables. Vegetables are mostly water and they’re a great source of flushing out excess water weight. Besides, as compared to carbs, they digest slowly and you remain full longer.

So if you feel like having a chicken sandwich, go for chicken salad instead, while replace your chips and dip with carrots and dip.

Here’s a list of low-carb vegetables:





Brussels Sprouts

Bamboo Shoots

Bok Choy

Cabbage (or sauerkraut)




Celery Root (Celeriac)

Cucumbers (or pickles without added sugars)



Green Beans and Wax Beans

Green Bell Peppers

Greens – lettuce, spinach, chard, etc.

Hearty Greens - collards, mustard greens, kale, etc.

Herbs - parsley, cilantro, basil, rosemary, thyme, etc. (you can usually count these as free foods)

Jalapeno Peppers








Radicchio and endive count as greens


Red Bell Peppers


Scallions or green onions

Sea Vegetables (Nori, etc.)

Snow Peas/Snap Peas/Pea Pods

Spaghetti Squash

Sprouts, alfalfa and other small seeds (sprouted legumes have more carb)

Summer Squash





Lift Weights 3 Times a Day or Do Cardio 30 Minutes a Day:

Lifting weights isn’t required; it is recommended.

Studies show that losing weight slows down your metabolism. Studies also show that low-carb diets make you gain a bit of muscle while losing lots of body fat.

Doing a warm up, lifting weights and then stretching 3 to 4 times a week prevents your metabolism from slowing down and helps burn some calories.

You can also opt for cardio workouts instead of lifting weights. Cardio workouts get your heart rate up, which burns calories.

Half an hour each of spinning, cardio kickboxing and boot-camp workouts burns 200 to 300 calories and tones up your arms, legs and core.

Have Coffee an Hour before Working Out:

A pre-exercise cup of coffee helps energize your work-out. You burn more calories without pushing yourself  harder.

Have Salmon for Lunch:

Salmon is packed with nutrients that not only tone your muscles but give your face a healthy glow too. Eating salmon for lunch is highly recommended.

Sleep half an hour more at night:

Sleeping 30 minutes more at night keeps you refreshed during the day. A 7 to 8 hours restful sleep boosts your metabolism too.

Wrapping Up:

Implementing the above weight loss plan in your life can greatly help you in losing weight fast.


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