Drink More Water

Most of us are aware that drinking water is beneficial when losing weight because it makes us feel full, but there is a pattern while drinking water. Most people miss this important aspect. People drink water only when they are thirsty; water is essential for the physical well-being and above all for losing weight.

Also, water doesn't contain sugar or preservatives and most importantly, did you know that water makes your body metabolism increase?


Staying hydrated boosts your metabolism and as a result, you burn up to 3% more calories. When you're trying to lose weight very fast, every little bit of calorie burning helps and is essential.

No matter what anybody says, losing weight is all about being healthy. Sure, we want to feel good and have the energy to do the things we love. That said, we also want to look amazing while we are participating in our favorite activities. With water, you end up looking fabulous because water rejuvenates cells and makes your face appear much younger.

The amount of water to drink depends on the individual. If you are of average weight 6 - 8 glasses of water every day is the recommended amount. If you are obese, you have to drink more. The recommended amount is an additional 7oz for every 25lbs. That is a lot of water, and if you are not a fan of water the thought of drinking more than 8 glasses of water per day is daunting.

Remember that, downing your 6-8 glasses of water all in one sitting does not count. For this to be effective, one must stay hydrated throughout the day as this is how our bodies metabolize fat and how drinking of water helps to lose a lot of weight fast. Also, when exercising, you should do well to drink 3-5 ounces of water every 20 minutes.

Symptoms associated with mild dehydration are muscle cramps, weakness, headaches, irritability, anxiety, fatigue, trouble concentrating, and heart palpitations.


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