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If you really want to lose weight, the first thing you need to focus on is getting into the habit of tracking your food and activity. The more you track, the more you’ll learn about your eating habits and the more likely you’ll be to reach your goals.

Don't sneak bites! It is a hard one but it is wrong to live by the philosophy that a bite that’s too small to fit on a plate or a fork doesn’t count. But if the scale isn’t moving, guess what? Those tiny bites do count! Sure a bit here and there may be harmless, but the average ‘bite’ contains between 25-50 calories. Tricky, isn’t it? If you tend to graze on food throughout the day, it’s quite possible to rack up a large amount of bites leading to a significant calorie intake that you’re not accounting for. In other words, all those calories count, especially the sweet ones. If you are taking bites from here and there, pretty soon, you'll be looking at a big increase in calories in that meal. Those sneaky bites are often discounted because they were not on your plate, but still they add up. Not only that, most people don't count these sneaky bites in their food journals. To avoid this, if you want to share some food, cut your own share so you can account for those calories you get from there.


To avoid sneaking food and increasing your calorie intake, you need to have an eating structure. Know when it is right to eat and when it is completely inappropriate. Sneaking food at nights is one way to increase your calorie intake, better still redirect the behavior into something that isn't self-destructive is going to be critically important to your success. But if you find yourself hungry at the middle of the night, be sure to consume a more low-calorie food and make sure whatever you consume does not exceed your total number of calorie intake per day. Curb your late night hunger with the best late-night snacks that are easy to digest. Carbs are good, but not too much fiber, protein, or fats, so you don't lie awake from feeling too full. But doesn't mean you have to go to bed starving. It means you need to snack right. You want to stick to less than 300 calories, anything more is a meal. Also remember to wait at least an hour before hitting the bed, so you have plenty of time to digest. With these tips in tow, you're bound to see a happier, thinner you appear in no time.


You can as well avoid getting hungry completely at night by purging the junk food in your cupboard. They lure you to sneak a bite in the middle of the night. And the bad news is that most of these junks are packed with a lot of sugar and salt, consuming them without considering how much calories they contain will end up making your weight loss journey a very hard one, and I’m sure this is far from what you want.


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