An important idea about fast weight loss dieting, shedding pounds or maintaining fitness is not only in WHAT you eat (right food) but HOW you eat it (eating rightly). It is not ideal to stand up while eating food for weight loss. If you are in a hurry, it is preferable that you pack up your food and carry along in a bag than involve yourself in what we call “eating amnesia” or “mindless eating” i.e. unknowingly grabbing morsels from hand to mouth, eating without concentrating on what and how much you eat, this is what standing while eating does to you. Research has shown that people tend to eat more and faster when they are standing up. Psychologically, it is much easier to discount those mini-meals we have away from set meal times, yet they all add up to a higher total calorie count that is bad for weight loss.


When you're eating, taking the time to sit and enjoy your meal can bring about a range of health benefits that you just don't get from standing up, including proper digestion. Staying seated through meals can help you make healthier food choices as you eat slowly and are therefore more focused on what you eat and therefore pay attention to how much food you put in your mouth. A 2007 study of adult women that was published in the "Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics" found that total calorie consumption was lower in women who ate slowly, compared with women who ate more quickly. Eating while standing is a fast-eating habit and can adversely affect your fast weight loss plans in the long run.

Studies have also shown that people who skip sit-down meals in the interest of saving time may be costing themselves unwanted calorie build up. Canadian researchers in a study asked a group of people to eat food out of plastic containers while standing over a kitchen counter, while a second group ate an identical meal off of a plate sitting down at a table. At their next meal a few hours later, the “standers” downed about 30 percent more calories than the “sitters.” The researchers theorized that eating on your feet doesn’t register psychologically as a “real meal”, and as a result people may subconsciously grant themselves permission to eat more calories that they require in the day.

Over time, sitting down to eat can increase the odds of weight loss, because you are consuming fewer calories overall. Breaking this common “fat habit” can help you carve out your waistline and become a more mindful eater in the process. Are you hungry? Take a seat, pull up a chair and stay a while, relish the flavors, take time to chew your meal and enjoy it. You are more like to pace your eating when you pause to sit down and enjoy your food, and eating more slowly can translate to fewer calories, so get in the habit of eating meals only while sitting.


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