Don’t drink your calories! Sounds easy right? But with this one easy little change, you can lose a lot of weight fast. Consuming calories in liquid form does not give the same fullness as when you consume them in solid food thus making you consume more calories when you drink it.

For example, fruit juice. What’s more American than a large glass of orange juice for breakfast? Yet it has been discovered that a 24oz glass of orange juice is made of 330 calories, and one could easily finish off two glasses in less than 10 minutes, that’s a total of 660 calories. And that is eating almost ten oranges, the fact remains that one cannot eat ten whole oranges, your jaws would cramp from that much chewing.

You might end up eating only two. Now that is an awesome illustration of why you should not drink your calories. As seen in the example, with the orange juice it took 660 calories to satisfy a person but with the fresh fruit it takes only 140 calories, with the little knowledge, this person should choose to make this substitution every morning he or she would lose 4.5lbs of fat in a month.


Eating your calories is better than drinking them because:

It takes longer to eat calories than drink them. Still pointing to the example above, when people eat calories in the form of solid food, they typically compensate by reducing the rest of their food intake. But when they ingest liquid calories, they don't compensate by eating fewer calories; they eat more studies show that fluid calories do not suppress hunger, don't hold strong satiety properties, and don't elicit compensatory dietary responses. "When drinking fluid calories, people usually end up eating more calories overall."

The mechanisms controlling hunger and thirst are said to be completely different. Liquids, even when they contain calories — don't seem to satisfy hunger even if they quench your thirst. Typically, your thirst is quenched once water increases your cell volume and blood. This sends a signal to your brain that the thirst is gone.

Hunger is regulated in the stomach and intestines. While you're eating, nerves around the stomach wall detect that it is stretching and sends satiation signals to the brain. The intestines also release nerve hormones and regulators. At the same time, the hunger hormone, ghrelin, which was released by the stomach when it is empty, slowly decreases — all of which help you feel satiated.

Though several theories have tried explaining why liquid calories cause weaker satiety and increased overall calorie intakes, the process is still not fully understood. The fact is, cognitively, people tend to find it more difficult to realize that liquids count.

Don't drink your calories, rather eat them. Learn to drink water often, and if you are addicted to the bubbles of sodas, then make your own carbonated water.


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