Does Eating Salmon Help You Lose Weight?

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Does Eating Salmon Help You Lose Weight?

by Nina K. , Demand Media

Salmon has no magical fat-burning properties, and eating it won't directly affect your weight. However, salmon is a lean protein that fits nicely into a healthy diet plan. Replacing fatty red meats and junk food in your diet with salmon may reduce overall calorie intake, eventually helping you lose body fat. However, it's important to focus on a balanced diet with a wide variety of nutritious foods rather than relying on a single item.

Losing Weight

There's only one equation for weight loss: calories in versus calories out. For every 3,500 calories you burn and don't replace with food, you'll lose a pound of fat. Consume 500 fewer calories than you expend each day, and you'll lose 1 pound per week. While determining exact calorie expenditure is impossible to do without medical testing, you can estimate by multiplying your weight times the number 15. Therefore, at 150 pounds you probably use about 2,250 calories per day and can lose weight eating 1,750 calories per day with exercise. If you're sedentary or have especially high body fat, you need fewer calories.


Salmon and Weight

A 3-ounce serving of wild Alaskan salmon has 155 calories, 22 grams of protein and 7 grams of fat. That's about half the fat and calories of a fast-food cheeseburger, plus the salmon has about 7 more grams of protein. Nutrient-dense foods like salmon are the keys to successful weight loss, and protein helps promote satiety to curb cravings between meals. However, the calorie and fat count rise significantly if you use oil or butter for cooking, or drench the fish in creamy sauces sauces. Broil your fish and use herbs, garlic, spices and lemon juice for calorie-free flavor.

Salmon Recommendations

Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke and may reduce coronary artery disease and help lower blood pressure. recommends eating salmon or other omega-rich fish twice weekly. Although seafood is often contaminated, salmon is a low-mercury choice. Therefore, Consumer Reports deems it safe to eat salmon every day -- unlike swordfish and fresh tuna, which have dangerous mercury levels.

Healthy Weight Loss

To lose weight healthfully, eat a wide array of colorful fruits and vegetables along with whole grains such as quinoa, barley and whole-wheat pasta. Along with salmon, choose lean proteins such as nonfat cottage cheese, tempeh and garbanzo beans. Eat minimal fats, opting for plant sources such as olive oil and almonds. Half of your plate at each meal should comprise fresh or lightly-cooked produce, and the other half should be split between protein and grains. Along with a healthy diet, engage in regular exercise for faster results and a healthier heart.



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