Does Drinking Water Help You to Lose Weight?

Does Drinking Water Help You to Lose Weight?


Many people have asked me this question. Does drinking water actually help you lose weight and the answer has always been a resounding yes! Drinking pure water can not only help you to lose weight but it can also help you maintain a healthy weight once you've lost the weight you want to lose. By drinking water every single day you can help stave off cravings and also your appetite as well so that you can maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Water isn't just to keep hydrated anymore. Like some would say this isn't your mothers water! It's a new generation of science that's backing up these findings which conclude that water is the most natural appetite suppressant known to man. When you drink a glass of water before any meal about 15 minutes before hand you will feel fuller and won't eat as much when you sit down to have your meal. This is the goal of drinking water to lose weight.

Weight Loss can be a really hard road for some people to do down; depending on level of activity and how you eat in general it can be almost impossible but know that if you look no further than your own tap you can have an instant weight loss supplement. Drinking water to lose weight isn't just about forcing yourself to drink water all day long, it's about knowing that it's a lifestyle change. Switching some of your sugary and unhealthy drinks for water is a great way to start.

Coffee for instance in small doses is really good for circulation and heart health, but when you flood it with chocolate and cream, with sugar and whipped topping it is no longer what's good for you it's what's bad for you and this country. Coffee should be taken black or with one small cube of sugar and a tiny bit of low fat or non fat milk. You don't want to drink your calories. You want to be full and satisfied from everything you put into your body.

Does drinking water help you lose weight? Well of course it does, it helps by keeping you full and hydrated. Hydration is something that's overlooked sometimes when people being a workout routine. Eating more food that has water in it, like fresh fruits and vegetables that have a watery consistency will also help to keep you hydrated if you sometimes forget to add the glass of water to each meal. Fruits like Pears and Watermelon have a ton of precious water in them, Vegetables like Celery and Bell Peppers also have a ton of water in them, and they taste good too!

So we've come to the understanding that drinking water does help you lose weight. If you drink a glass before each meal and keep yourself hydrated during the day it helps you to get full and stay full. Substituting sugary drinks and carbonated drinks for water through the day is a good idea, and staying hydrated during work outs will help you lose weight!

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