Research has shown that food can be just as addicting as heavy recreational drugs. The fact is, the same part of the brain that is stimulated by these drugs is activated by the sight, taste, and smell of those delicious foods you crave. To make things even more challenging, food marketing companies exploit our addiction by combining fats and sugars in ways that intentionally over-stimulate our brains.


All cravings start with a cue and to disable these cravings; one has to identify the situations or emotions associated with them. And once you've been able to determine the situations where you crave foods, look forward to these situations like an elite athlete right before a competition. For instance, you may tell yourself, “If I perceive fresh chocolate chip muffins on my way to work, I’ll keep walking” and then practice this regularly. An act like this disables the psychological aspect of cravings by conditioning the mind to make the body react favorably before one goes into a deep inner monologue, which typically doesn’t work out well.

Since the craving process have been discovered to operate in a linear, step-by-step mode. Starting with a cue, followed by activation, arousal, and then release. Practicing the above step stops the food cravings at the cue level before going deeper into the process.

Cravings tend to increase mostly when one is caught up in a stressful situation, instead of giving in to your cravings, think about the emotion you're trying to fulfill and find another way to fulfill it which is not food dependent. Findings report that grabbing a piece of gum can always do the trick as it helps to stave off that craving. Employing other easy but effective strategies in disabling cravings like drinking of water can help you to lose weight very fast as water is not only very essential for maximal fat loss, but it can also help to prevent cravings.

Also, the tactic of Brushing of your teeth also aids to avoid late night snacking, which is mainly something that's habitual. Another tactic is to stay off the kitchen after a particular time at night, say 9pm. Many people go into the kitchen like mindless zombies searching for what to crunch on, so focusing on this “no kitchen re-entry” rule can be very effective.  Finally, some herbal tea can do the trick.


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