Corn Flakes & Weight Loss

cornflakes & weightloss

Do you eat corn flakes for breakfast? Are you under the impression that they are healthy for your system and help lose excess weight?  If yes, than it’s better to reconsider this. Contrary to common belief - cornflakes don’t help to get rid of extra weight. They instead – boost weight gain. Would you like to know some more about corn flakes and weight loss? Continue reading.


Corn Flakes – An In-Depth View

Corn flakes were evolved accidently by Will Kellogg and his brother John Kellogg in 1983, with stale wheat. Will and his brother made dough out of the stale wheat and then pushed it through a roller, but the final product was broken flakes of wheat, which was toasted and served to patients at Seventh-day Adventist sanatorium where they worked. They appealed to their patients, so they keep producing it and worked on it till it achieved high quality level. This was how corn flakes were developed, and now there are numerous brands available in the food market that promise their offer quality product that reduces weight.

Are Corn Flakes Health-Friendly?

A cereal can be a healthy breakfast option if you choose one that is low in sugar and fat and also offers the right amount of nutrition. But in case you make wrong choices, your cereal may trigger weight gain. Majority of people think that eating corn flakes with milk is a safe and healthy breakfast option with a high content of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and a low amount of fat. However in fact, a box of corn flakes has corn, sugar, malt, and high fructose corn syrup. Out of all these compounds, corn syrup contains high Glycaemic Index carbohydrates.

The amount of sugar in corn flakes is so high, and most people add sugar or honey to corn flakes along with milk. This will cause increase in sugar content of the cereal, and having this consistently will develop weight gain. Varied outcomes have proved that intake of cornflakes trigger obesity. All traditional weight loss methods follow one principle in common – have fewer calories. This is applicable to corn flakes too. Many corn flakes packets recommend a serving size of 30 grams with 125 ml of semi-skimmed milk.

Corn Flakes and Weight Loss

Corn flakes have low protein level. Although they make you feel full upon finishing your meal, you would feel hungry again in a while. A research results on cereals reported in the Times of India states corn flakes as an unhealthy breakfast for children, and also for those who are headed to diminish excess weight. It also highlights that the amount of iron present in corn flakes is considerably less than the amount mentioned in the packaging.


Another research carried out by a health magazine of UK has also noted that cornflakes cause obesity in kids. The investigation conducted on a group of kids with low GI (glycemic index) breakfast like bran, muesli, porridge and soya, and high GI breakfast like corn flakes, chocolate flavored cereal or white bread, revealed that high GI group were subject to feel hungry between the meals and they also consumed more in their lunch.

Low GI

To drop extra pounds and maintaining healthy well being, it is vital to concentrate on calories and where those calories come from. They should come from a diet full of healthy, fiber-rich, protein rich, water-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans. Health-friendly food sources are not easily available in packets, so please think twice about what kind of food you or your children eat for breakfast.

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