Choose A Background For Google!!

If you are wondering about “how to make Google my Homepage desktop background?”, then this article will clear all your queries and doubts, as it deals with different aspects which can help in setting Google as default background. With the use of “active desktop technique”, one can easily set Google as the default background, on a system.

Recently Google, just took the idea of Bing, and added to its own browser. Yes, the feature of setting the Bing background image as wallpaper is now available in Google web browser as well. People really like this feature, as they no more have to switch between Bing and Google for checking the amazing wallpaper, big uses for its search engine.

The availability of setting Google as the default background is only available for the official website of Any sort of Google’s local version does not comes with this feature, which means that if you want to make Google as a background, then you simply need to use the authentic version of

How to do it right?

In order to make Google the default background, simply follow the below mentioned stapes,

  • The first step is to open the official browser of If you are not on conventional version of, then you can open the website, and select the official, whose option is given at the bottom of screen.
  • The next step involves adding a background image link, to the option given o screen.
  • After selecting the options, you will be automatically redirected to the login page, where you have to enter the Google’s account credentials.
  • After that, you can easily make a selection of your favorite background for Google’s homepage. Different varieties of wallpapers are available, which the user can use according to his choice.
  • Talking of my computer tab given on the left hand side of the screen enables the user to select the desirable image which is stored in the computer. One important thing which should be kept in mind, while selecting, the background image is that the size of the screen should be that of the Google’s homepage, so that it can fit perfectly well, to the screen. Selecting the image which is compatible in size, fetches the best result.
  • Any image which you use, as Google’s background is saved to the folder of Dropbox by Picasa.
  • The moment. One logins to his Google account be it on a different system, there will be a link present, which will showcase the option of setting, background wallpaper. Simply select the desired image from the different options stored in the Dropbox folder. This basically means that even if the user logins through a different computer, h can still set the Google’s background wallpaper, irrespective of the fact that he doesn’t have the images on the particular system.

The feature of customizing the Google wallpaper is winning a lot of praises, as the user can pick his favorite image, and make it the default wallpaper of the browser.

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