Can Drinking Green Tea Help Me Lose Weight?


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The answer is maybe since other factors should be considered. It has been rumored for years to aid in losing weight. Then some people took the idea further and said yes to "Will green tea help me lose weight?" The more realistic theory is it can be used as a boost alongside other weight loss activities.

Studies have shown that it does slightly raise metabolic rates. Your metabolic rate is the rate at which your body burns fat. This slight raise is definitely not enough to make a significant impact on weight loss efforts by itself. Therefore, consuming this drink alone could not make a noticeable difference in how fast you shed weight. It does have one other attribute that does help in dieting.

This beverage is a low calorie drink. Weight loss occurs when you consume less calories than you burn. Simply substituting it for your higher calorie coffee concoction will reduce the amount of calories you intake throughout the day. If you also increase your activity, you will decrease your weight. Considering these facts, the answer is yes to "Will green tea help me lose weight?" It does have other health benefits though.

In addition to losing weight, most people are trying to get healthier overall. Green tea is known as a good source of antioxidants. Antioxidants do exactly what the name sounds like it does. They help to clear the body of toxins. Ridding the body of toxins does not really contribute to weight loss, but it does make you feel better. Trying to achieve a healthy weight can be a difficult task, so feeling good during this journey can always help. In a way, the high source of antioxidants yields an answer of maybe to "Will green tea help me lose weight?"

Relying mostly on one food or drink to be the solution to weight loss is very unrealistic. Results of studies of "Will green tea help me lose weight?" or "Can green tea help me lose weight?" range from "definitely yes" to "not likely". A more reliable program that explains how to lose weight is called Strip That Fat. It will answer all your dieting and exercise questions and give you lasting weight loss results.

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