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Doctors suggest avoiding crash diets - Your metabolism ages with you and little changes you have already counted on to get rid of extra weight (such as: spending extra minutes on a treadmill or skipping dessert) cannot be sufficient to achieve weight loss. However, it’s early to decide reducing calorie intake in a radical manner. When your system gets fewer than 1,200 calories a day, your metabolism actually starts becoming weak because your system feels like it has to hold on to all of its energy sources – including that extra weight you are headed to diminish. In order to lose weight in a healthy way – you are required to lower your calorie intake down to 1,800 a day. To do this – you just have to lighten up your meals. Vicki March, a practicing Internal Medicine doctor in Pittsburgh, PA says that “if you physical capabilities allow you to lower it even lower, let’s say down to 1,600, than this change should enough to lose weight in a healthy way and have your metabolism function properly.”  Continue reading to be introduced to more tips, changes and time-tested suggestions given by health experts on weight-loss, metabolism improvement, and calories burning and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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A set of dumbbells is what you need - You muscle tissues burn around 10 calories per pound than fat in a natural way, even when you are inactive. You can calculate it this way: for every 5 pounds of muscles you gain, you can burn an additional 350 calories per week with no any other activity combined. Strength training spikes your metabolic rate after workouts as your body regains the muscle. Brad Schoenfeld, an author of Women’s Home Workout Bible suggests trying to do the session twice a week.

Increase Protein Intake - Food sources that are rich in proteins boost your resting metabolic rate, which is amount of calories burned while sitting. Note that timing has a huge impact here! Majority of people have their protein at dinner, yet you only utilize around 30 grams of nutrition at a time and anything excessive may get accumulated as fat. Focus on spreading out your intake throughout the day. “You can have eggs with turkey sausage for breakfast, tuna with veggies for lunch and low-fat string cheese as a snack and chicken breast for your dinner,” suggests Jennifer McDaniel, Research and Development, a speaker at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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Develop 4 Easy Habits – Follow these easy tweaks for better functioning metabolism. Caffeine boosts your metabolism for short-term. An early morning coffee helps kick start your system however having the second cup around 2PM will keep your metabolic rate humming throughout your day. In case coffee is strong for you – tea comes as a substitute! Your metabolism naturally switches to a resting state at night. Those who eat after dinner are most likely to gain extra weight compared to those who avoid late-night munching. Consume foods that set your mouth on fire! Hot food substances tend to suppress your appetite, helping you consume less. In short – eat more spicy food sources and maintain a slim body! Last but not least - get up and have a short walk every couple of hours. Setting alarm clocks or reminders can be handy for you! These 4 easy but effective tips to maintain a skinny body were introduced by Rexford Ahima, MD, professor of medicine at Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.

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