Build Huge Arm Muscles With These Bicep Exercises

Build Huge Arm Muscles With These Bicep Exercises



Have you wondered what are the best bicep exercises that you can use to build muscle, assuming that you wanted to build muscle in your biceps? Well in this article I will give you the absolute top-notch, super effective and best bicep exercises for building muscle known to the entire fitness industry!

The first of these bicep exercises - to build huge cannon ball shaped bicep muscles - is the granddaddy of all arm exercises. It is the...

Standing Barbell Curl
This is the one, the absolute best bicep movements that you can do to build your own muscles. It is my favorite exercise to use in this muscle building program that you are reading about here. The program consists of a workout strategy that is designed to give you THE maximum bicep muscle growth in a minimum of time.

So be prepared to workout hard!
This workout is comprised of low repetitions of very heavy and intense basic compound movements. I won't go into how to do a bicep curl exercise since most people already know how to do this. But here's what is important to understand.


when doing this incredible bicep exercise - Use some cheating In other words use an explosive body motion to help you curl the weight towards you - as you contract your biceps.

To make this exercise even more effective at muscle building you should lower the weight or resistance slower than the speed you used to raise it. The reason why - is you will stimulate more muscle fibers as you lower the weight - or in the negative motion - than in any other part of this exercise.

Do Not Allow the Weight to Drop.
Controlling the resistance or weight on the downward motion is an absolute must in getting the maximum benefit out of this bicep exercise. If using a straight bar causes you undue stress on your wrists - then switch to using a curved or Cambered bicep curl bar.

Standing Dumbbell Curls (alternating)
This is the same as doing a normal or regular dumbbell curl except that you alternate your left and right hand while doing this movement. I suggest that you do this and all dumbbell curl exercises in the beginning in a standing position - why?

It allows you to use more weight or resistance than in a seated position. I also suggest you wear your lifting belt to support your lower back as you do this exercise.


Remember lower the weight slowly to get the maximum benefit of the negative movement in this exercise as well.

Reserve cheating in this bicep exercise only for the last few repetitions. Doing cheat reps allows you to overload your biceps and will force your arms to grow. These 2 bicep exercises used in combination - will allow you to increase your strength and build more muscle in your arms than any other type of bicep exercises.

Incorporate them into every single bicep muscle building workout that you do. Whenever you do your bicep workouts focus on these two exercises and in no time at all you will add inches to your arms.

Would you like to gain 10 to 20 lbs of muscle - double your speed - increase your strength by 300% and and blow torch the fat off your body - in no time at all?

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