A Bodybuilder's Diet - Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

The diet of a bodybuilder is super influential to his or her success in building that perfect shape. It is fundamental to understand what a bodybuilding diet is doing to help you attain your goals. The difference between weight loss and fat loss may seem like a small distinction.

Despite the giant emphasis in the culture about the trials and tribulations of weight loss, anybody with a little discipline can get it done. The formula is simply to cut down more calories every day than you take in through your diet. So for example, if you need 3000 calories daily for your basic daily activity, you basically craft your diet to eat fewer than that and you will lose weight. The tricky part is making sure that the calories you do have in are balanced with all of the nutrients and energy charge.

A diet that would be a tragedy for a bodybuilder's development goals would be one that as high in sugar but low in nutrition. Even if that diet was cautiously measured so that the dieter was eating fewer calories than he or she would cut down based on lifestyle and body weight - that weight loss would be damaging to the goals of building muscle. Because the body would need more calories than is in the diet but it was not being provided with adequate amount of nutrition, the weight loss will come from muscle rather than from fat loss as is wished.

Another mistake bodybuilders occasionally make is to work out very intensively but not compensate for that additional use of calories in diet. By keeping their diet low based on an activity level that was measured before 200% training took place, the bodybuilder would not be replacing valuable nutrition that the body needs fast enough.

For a couple of weeks, this kind of strategy would seem to be productive because you would lose weight very quickly. But the pressure you will put on your metabolism would kick the body into an emergency mode and you will stop losing fat. Instead, the body will start to suck muscle because it would think it was starving and it needed that muscle for energy to keep the organism alive. Not only is this ineffective in terms of your bodybuilding goals, it can be unsafe over time.

Our goal is to assure a smooth transition of your body that works well with your level of working out each week. Instead of cutting the calorie level down severely, try for a reasonable reduction of calories. So if you calculate that you would normally need 3000 calories a day, shoot for 2700 or so which creates a deficit from diet but not a serious one.

You will naturally cut more calories from your workouts each week. But because the natural calorie limit is not caused by an extreme diet, you will not experience loss of muscle or bone tissue because of the lower calorie intake. The body will not go into extreme metabolic shutdown so it burns fat for the extra energy it needs, which is the plan. While these guidelines are good to understand so you are an intelligent guide of your own well being and development, it is always good to get help from your trainer or from reading or reliable bodybuilding sites.

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