Don't we all love the sweet taste of some junk food and cakes? The explosive feeling they give on our tongues as they glide down our throats? What we do not know is that these food items could contain 'hidden sugars'. Body Sugar build up is an enemy to your ideal body. Nowadays, most of the foods we eat are being loaded with great amounts of hidden sugars in ways, and to an extent that most of us don't realize. We still tend to think about sugar as we did when we were kids: a pure, sweet treat either cubed or granulated that makes dessert taste like, well, dessert. Sugar in its many forms is now showing up by the tablespoon in pasta sauce, in "healthy" breads, and in gravy, soups, and frozen entrees, as well as in yogurt and low-fat salad dressing. Now the worst thing about this hidden sugar is that you have no idea that you are taking them in until you face the consequences... The saccharine stuff can wreck your waistline and even mess with your brain no matter what you call it. Gone are the days when you'll see straight "sugar" listed on every sweet tasting food ingredient label. So what should you look for instead? Things like caramel, some syrups and a lot others.


Sugars — even “natural sugars” like honey, agave, maple syrup, coconut sugar, dates and dried fruits — add calories (and possibly anxiety) to your life if you’re trying to slim down for a vacation, wedding or life-modeling gig. Shapiro says that to Lose weight faster, beware of hidden sugars in pre-packaged foods and reduce how much sugar you add yourself. Beware of starchy foods not to mention rice, dried fruit and crayfish salad: They're ALL secretly sugar laden with toxic results for your body

Beware of hidden sugars in carbohydrate-rich foods. If you still want a sweetener then use Organic Stevia that is natural and 1000 times sweeter than sugar!

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