Best Workouts to do At Home during Winter


For the next six months, Blighty is going to be under a cloud of rain, wind and snow. It’s a sad thought, and enough of a motive to jump back in bed and hide under the duvet. However, that’s what winter expects from you to do. He (let’s use he to refer to winter) is right, so right! And he likes nothing more than disrupting the gains you worked so hard for during his sunny cousin - summer. Certainly it’s hard getting up at 6am for your morning exercises when Mr. Frost has paid a visit. And who wouldn’t like to stay indoors when the sleet starts falling? But, who says to leave the house to get fit? Living healthy, gaining muscle and even maintaining your mobility and flexibility can all be attained in the comfort of your own place – your home!


The Best Home Workout to Lose Weight

Scientists at the University of Wisconsin say that 4-minute, high-intensity workouts – like the workout above – can diminish up to 14 calories a minute. Studies have also concluded saying that HIIT workouts can improve both aerobic and anaerobic fitness and are as productive as an hour’s steady state, steady cardio session. For this exercise, choose a bit of space in your living room and a pair of dumbbells.

The Best Home Workout to Build a Bigger Chest

There aren’t many promises in life – apart from Men's Health providing you with the helpful health and fitness materials around, and that all. But one thing is for sure - on a Monday you will be in a line of those who wait for the bench for presses. Things don’t change in winter either. You don’t want to get stressed and we are not blaming you. Jump to the front with this crucial pec-pumping home workout. Home workouts are extremely productive, and no one can argue on that!

The Best Home Workout to Improve Mobility

Flexibility can be improved up to high levels. For some, stretching is something like leg day. We all do it; however we know we could do even better.  Do your best to do it better! Study has revealed that muscles with more pliability (a result of stretching and mobility workouts) are stronger and able to endure more forces placed upon them. In other words, you’ll have more from your exercise and achieve bigger gains. Brazilian researchers have found that stretching the muscle opposite to the ones you're about to utilize provides an immediate strength boost that'll help you pump out 15% more reps. Next time you're about to smash out your biceps curls, show your tris some TLC and you'll become prepared to go harder for longer.


Mobility workouts are vital, too, helping lower the risk of injuries and pulled muscle tissues. You are not getting any younger. Yes, that clock keeps ticking. Our muscles begin losing their elasticity, strength and mass. No one likes to be old!  Would you like to continue lifting big as you age? Well, allocate some time aside each week to improve your flexibility. It will take little time, and guess what, yes, you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

The Best Home Workout to have a Six-pack

Not only will this exercise help carve out a core that The Rock would be happy with, but, providing you follow the plan properly, you'll have them within three weeks! The only disadvantage is that you'll have another five months of winter to challenge with. Three weeks! Your three-week six-pack exercise is just a click away. So, let’s click away. Do you love crunches? No worries! These three workouts will help diminish fat and open that washboard stomach without needing to do a single crunch.

The Best Home Workout for Getting Ripped

If it's turned a darker shade of blue outside doesn't necessarily mean you have to put on weight. Boulder shoulders are requires time to build. And once they're gone, it'll need time to have them back. No need to go into hibernation this winter. Shed aside your bangers and mash. This exercise will help get, and keep, you shredded. But note that it isn't easy, and all that huffing, grunting and puffing might get you some odd glazing from your neighbors the subsequent morning.


Mistakes to Avoid while Exercising Indoors

Now, you are not only introduced to the complete home workout plan, we're even letting you know about the mistakes to avoid. We spoil you somehow! However, we are not expecting gratitude. Just promise us you will really try to avoid those errors. Get past these final obstacles and watch your home exercise gains hit levels you could never imagine.


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