What are the best ways to lose weight?

by Arun Kumar T

These 10 steps will help you to lose fat.

1. Take more protein

  • Be sure to have protein in your meals. Choose from any of those protein foods and you can reduce the calories you get from carbohydrate. This will boost your metabolism and at the same time you will feel fuller.

2. Reduce carbs and sugars and take fiber

  • From the studies it shows that you have to reduce your carbohydrate intake for weight loss. Choose the foods which are rich in fiber content. Fiber rich foods helps you to feel fuller and it slows down sugar absorption.

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3. Increase your fat intake

  • Eat fat to loss fat; substitute major portion of carbs with fat. Try to get 20- 35% of your calories from fat. But keep in mind your main goal is to limit your calorie intake as it is easy to add up calories with fat.

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4. Weight training and get stronger

  • Start lifting; Training will boost your metabolism for up to 36 hours post exercise in addition to the calories burned during workout. Lifting heavy weights with a calorie deficit diet will help to preserve muscles and loss fat.

5. Add HIIT- Rope jumping

  • HIIT training will be fun and interesting than steady state cardio. Choose 2- 3 exercises and start your HIIT. Beginners can start with short burst of high intensity training. This helps you to recover during beginner state. As you progress you can increase the time on high intensity phase and lower the time on low intensity phase.

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6. Build more muscle

  • Adding muscles have narrow effect on your calorie burning. But there are some added benefits from muscles. It helps you get better shape, improves your lifting performance and motivates you.

7. Move more( Burn more calories than while you exercise)

  • Take the ideas above and use it. Try to increase your NEAT activities and its duration whenever possible. That will add up to a lot of calories. An active lifestyle is the way to fat loss.

8. Watch your snacking and via drinking

  • Minimize your snacking to healthy nutrient rich foods. Collect some recipes that you like from the above resources and prepare snacks. These will help you to keep your calorie in control. Don’t engage yourself in mindless eating watching TV (But once in a week is fine).

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9. Plate metrics and meal pattern

  • Choose a smaller plate of size 9–10” which help you to eat less. If possible get a plate whose color gives high contrast with food color. These two will help you to consume less food.

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10. A calorie is a calorie

  • Calorie deficit is the solution to fat loss. Whatever you eat; try to keep your body in calorie deficit state.

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