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When you check the store for weight loss supplements, you may see some vitamins, and green tea advertised as weight loss supplements, though this advertisement may be true to some extent - such supplements do not cause direct weight loss.  These vitamins speed up your body’s metabolism, which in turn will lead to a faster utilization or usage of body fat cells. Some of the best vitamins for weight loss are highlighted below;

Vitamin B 12- Key Weight Loss Vitamin

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that plays key roles in the body, including the manufacturing of red blood cells, and how effective your body utilizes calories. This vitamin is bound to proteins found in meats, including chicken, fish, and beef. Insufficient supply of vitamin B12 can lead to serious conditions such as anemia. Vitamin B12 supplement is given to some individuals suffering from obesity because it speeds up the rate at which the body convert calories to energy in the body; this can lead to a greater motivation to exercise in order to burn even more calories and fat.


Other Vitamin B- Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, and B9

Vitamin B12 is not the only vitamin B that supports weight loss, though vitamin B12 gets most of the attention because it can be easily injected into the body to boost energy levels, other Vitamin B collections can also help you achieve the same result by increasing your energy levels for more physical activities that can help boost weight loss and burn fat.

Vitamin D – The Natural Mood-Booster

Vitamin D is essentially absorbed from the sun; it is very easy for the body to run low of this vitamin -  especially when you live in a country where there are low amount of sunshine each day. Vitamin D plays major roles in the body and how it functions. Aside from boosting your mood, it helps strengthen the immune system against certain diseases. Studies have revealed that individuals suffering from low amount of vitamin D are likely to gain weight more rapidly than those who spend more time in the sun or supplement with vitamin D.


Vitamin E - Get More out of your Workouts

Vitamin E helps in weight loss by speeding up the recovering time of your muscles. Muscles can easily get injured after stressful workouts and without adequate recovery time, your muscles may not heal and that may impact negatively on your weight loss. There are lots of super-foods containing substantial amounts of vitamin E but if you have problems with these foods, you can take the supplemental form.

Vitamin C- Antioxidants for immunity and Strength

Vitamin C does not play direct role in weight loss, but the fact that it is a rich antioxidant, means your body will be stronger – allowing for more energy, better workouts, greater weight loss success.


*It is important to understand that having high dose of these vitamins does not necessarily mean you will achieve faster or better result - there are side effects associated with mega dosing of certain vitamins. It is important to get as much as your vitamin needs from pure organic foods, and use vitamin supplements to round out your nutritional and supplement needs.


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