Best Exercises to Lose Weight at Home

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Best Exercises to Lose Weight at Home


Are you looking for some best exercises to lose weight at home? Then know that you can save money by not going to the gym and still lose weight, when you carefully and seriously devote time to these exercise routines in the comfort of your home. If going to the gym is a herculean task for you, then devoting just 30 minutes a day in your home to do any of these exercises, would result in a very significant change in your body.

These exercises will help your body burn fat just like the person going to the gym and they are:

1. Stair sprinting or stair running

You may not have machines like the treadmill and bike at home, but that doesn't mean weight loss cannot be achieved over there. Just make use of the stairs in your house. The exercise is optimum for burning fat and can just be as effective, if not, even more effective in burning body fat than running, when done the right way.

It is easy, just run up and down the stairs, 3 to 4 times in a row, then rest for about 30 seconds and walk around at a slow pace. You then have to repeat the process.

2. Jumping rope or skipping

This is one of the most intense calorie burners. It is estimated to burn even more calories than a fast run would do. You have to understand that it comes with commitment though, to really continue doing it.

Try to skip none-stop for a minute if possible and rest for a minute. Then start again and do it in an alternating cycle for about 30 minutes or 10 to 15 rounds. If you use this method, trust me, you can really burn fat out of your body.

3. Using a set of adjustable dumbbells

For those of you looking to firm your bodies, this is also a very great exercise method that you can use. It can be used to firm the body in resistance training and can be done to target the entire body through routines like lunges, squats, shoulder presses, chest press, lying on the floor, biceps curls and many others.

In doing it, perform 8 to 12 reps and rest for about 2 minutes. When the circuit has been completed, repeat one more time.

4. Resistance bands

If you do not like the idea of using dumbbells, then another very excellent method is in the use of resistance bands. They are now popular and have the advantage of even keeping then in your wardrobe.

Hold each end of the resistance band in either of your hands and perform many of the same exercise which you could have performed with the dumbbells, like squats, shoulder presses, chest presses etc.

You can use any of these exercises to lose weight at home but to make the exercise not boring, you can try to alternate any two of these exercises in your weight loss exercises and you will see your body burning fat like a fat burning machine.

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