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Ginger Garvey |

Ginger Garvey |

Trying to stick to an overly regimented and disciplined diet is no fun at all. Weight loss should be fun when you think about it you get to be healthier and look better. Those are good reasons to smile.


A lot of activities could be much fun for us, such as attending parties, hanging out with friends and vacations but never weight loss! Things like exhausting workouts, chalky protein drinks, and piles of lettuce will come to your mind when losing weight is mentioned, but, these things, if we’re being honest, aren't fun at all. The reason routines get boring is because, well, they are routines! The moment you start feeling an obligation to do something, you don’t want to do it anymore. Same exercises, same music at the same time every day; exercising becomes an obligation that turns into a punishment, the same happens to sticking to a particular kind of food too. This calls for the need for flexibility in your journey. Remember, losing weight and staying healthy is not a short term affair, it should be a lifestyle to be adopted for the rest of your life, that means it is important to add a little bit of other healthy but fun-filled activities to spice it up. Getting the body you’ve always wanted shouldn't, and doesn’t have to be unexciting. There are a number of ways to make your weight loss journey more fun and enjoyable.


Work out with friends instead of doing it alone. Working out with friends helps you start your day nicely and makes your sweat session more fun. You can even compete with your friends! Yes! If you have a fitness tracker app, you can challenge your friends to an activity duel on Matchup. The app allows friends using different trackers to go head to head on a shared Leaderboard to see who moves the most. You and your friends can also compete as a team and challenge other groups of trackers to see who log the most steps.

Trying to eat lower calorie foods like fruits and vegetables can be boring, especially if you make the same few dishes several times, but here is the deal to make it more fun, you could turn your meals into festive events opportunity, and it will also help to keep your taste buds entertained. You could have an 'Italian' theme and incorporate a number of tomato dishes throughout the week. Or throw a fiesta with fresh avocado recipes and set the table with colorful plates and utensils. You could also invite veggie lovers like yourself. Eating together with people who love to eat your kind of meal encourages you to eat more.

If your kind of workouts is boring the life out of you, you could try out some other types that could be fun too and you still lose weight. Try some outdoor activities like hiking, doing the Doga, creating a buddy boot-camp club, go for swimming competitions, sign up for a trapeze class and be sure to take turns coming up with the workout when you are with friends, to ensure your sweat session stays fresh and fun. And you know what? Your workout could be totally free and while you are losing weight, you get to spend time with your pals and have fun at the same time.


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