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Anyone can shade off any amount of mass if they follow an appropriate weight loss diet plan. Though men are naturally likely to burn off more calories than women, it doesn’t call for different slimming approaches.

What to Include In Your Weight Loss Diet Plan

There can be no perfect diet yes, but studies have identified certain foods as great addition to any weight reduction mix. Majority of overweight cases are as a result unhealthy eating patterns. The food we eat plays a major role in determining our body sizes and shape. Research shows however that you can easily lose weight if you incorporate the right foods in your weight loss diet plan. Here are some of the foods that will help you shade off considerable weight.


While fats and sugary foods can be serious catalysts to weight gain, here are nuts that promise a perfect nutrition for those who are weight conscious. Adding pistachios to your weight loss diet plan can help you arrive at your weight target impressively fast.

weight loss diet plan

They are a perfect snack high in a variety of essential nutrients including fiber, protein and healthy fats. Weight loss is only possible without hurting your health if you have the right set of foods in your diet. That means your body must be well supplied with adequate proportions of required nutrients. Pistachios contain unsaturated fat content that is the healthiest form for our bodies, brains and the heart.

Recent studies have also indicated considerable impact of this nut on the body mass index (BMI). These studies show that taking a pistachio nut diet improves the user’s BMI. Your triglyceride and cholesterol levels also drop, making the nuts a perfect addition into your weight loss diet plan.


A rare food indeed, but whose nutritional value is worth all money and effort it would cost. The ample meaty taste of mushroom makes them an ideal substitute for meat. The good part is: cutting out any quantity of meat in your diet can be very powerful as a weight loss strategy. And the better part is that the mushroom allows you to consume less calories by a count of 173 and 4.5 grams less fat each day. You can therefore lose an average of 7 pounds a day on a mushroom diet.


Yoghurt has been found to be an amazingly important weight loss factor. An analysis of the eating habits of well over 120,000 persons indicates that of all the different foods associated with loss of weight, yogurt ranks top.

Oat Bran

If you are aware, you’ll remember that oat bran has featured prominently in the Dukan diet promoted by singer and actor Jennifer Lopez, Kate Middleton and a number of other celebrities recently.

Oat bran diet is a prominent fad in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. People go as far as carry oat bran with them so that they can comply with its highly specific requirement: 3 tablespoons every day.

Weight loss diet plan

Currently there are even oat bran bars and brands exclusive to the Dukan Diet program. The fad has been easy to adopt for continental weightwatchers because oat bran bars have been in the prizes of dieting French ladies for several decades.

Though the oat bran promises benefits that you can actually obtain from other food products, it may be your preference; which is a great merit. This diet is very high in fiber which makes you feel full for long. As a result you eat less.

One of the key reasons behind weight gain is overeating. Adding oat bran to your weight loss diet plan not only provides you with high fiber, like other oats, oat brans absorb fats. You can guess what that means to your body weight: lower cholesterol and effective loss of body weight.

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