a SHOCKING insider interview with a "KILLER" weight loss guru..

Health specialist: First and foremost element leading to a healthy look, both inside and outside is dedication and consistency. What I recommend is 1 yogurt, but make sure you put some strawberries in there, you also can choose the ones with more fibre, it will help you clean your system more effectively. And for snack - only 2 slices of cheese if you have to work out.

Have an apple for a snack, have your lunch after that. Eat salmon and salad or salmon or chicken and salad, but with no any dressings. Did you know that broccoli significantly promotes metabolism? It does and it is highly recommended. Make sure to cook them without oil or salt.

Interviewer: Do I have to completely avoid rice, carbs, mash potatoes, all other unhealthy food sources.

Health specialist: I personally, don’t eat them. I might have rice only 1 time a year. I’ve always loved pasta however for the sake of my health - I can’t have it anymore.

Interviewer: How do you work out? What are your suggestions?

Health specialist: I work out in the morning and that’s really productive. Morning exercises are unbelievably powerful to transform your body and health. Work out with weights, because if you don’t do weights, you’re missing out a lot, weights is vital. Your weight exercises should last around 30-40 minutes, make sure you will give your 200% while doing them. You do cardio after finishing the weight workouts. I would do basically 3 for 1, like 6 sets or you can jump rope, if you can jump rope but when I say 3 for 1 I mean run for 3 minutes, walk for 1 minute, run for 3 minutes, walk for 1 minute, do that 6 times just to start off.

You can also jump rope 3 for 1. While you’re doing the jump rope, on your minute break, just take a break and then as you progress like a week or 2 later you can start adding sit ups in between, you know, but more important right now is to shed off weight. Rope jumping is incredible, that’s’ like the secret to losing weight, jump rope and then when you finish your workout, go to the steam room, do you have a steam room where you’re at?

Interviewer: Yes, I am about to get one installed in my house.

Health specialist: Good, because steam room is one of the best things you could do to cut weight. So go to the steam room, depending how strong the steam room is; I would try to do 8 minutes, 3 sets 8 minutes. So you do steam room 8 minutes, jump in a cold shower right afterwards, and then go back in for another 8 minutes. It might be a little uncomfortable in the beginning however you’ll soon get adapted. Do this, and your body will thank you!

Interviewer: Why cold shower? Can you be specific on this?

Health specialist: It functions as a shocker, body shocker.

Interviewer: How long to stay in cold shower?

Health specialist: For 30 seconds to a minute. Your body will feel really cold however will warm itself up. Then you go back in the steam room for 8 minutes. Try to do this for three times.

Interviewer: As you’ve mentioned earlier – morning is the best time to work out for weight loss?

Health specialist: If you really want to lose weight, I would do twice a day – in the morning and night. At night I would just go in and do some cardio. The cardio is to move your body, and stationary bikes, are mostly waste of time. I’d rather you walk. Go with your wife for a walk around the neighborhood after dinner. This way and don’t eat afterwards. It will take even less than a month until you begin liking it.

Interviewer: How much weight have you lost or how much muscle have you gained in doing this?

Health specialist: I went from 219 to 197 shredded. To get extremely ripped, I would have be 5 more pounds less, which is really hard to do.

Interviewer: That’s simply unbelievable!

Health specialist: But I’m very lean right now.

Interviewer: I will share this story on my weight loss blog and I’m sure people will like it.

Health specialist: Apples are great; they are comprised of fiber that makes you feel full. Avoid cheese cakes.

Interviewer: How about a banana or grapefruit? Is that bad for you?

Health specialist: Grapefruit is fine in the morning, but not banana. Also, avoid any shakes, protein shakes. When you have steaks, try to chew 30 times and avoid eating it by the night. Drinking alcohol by that time is also very unhealthy.

Interviewer: What’s the latest you should be eating?

Health specialist: What time do you do to sleep?

Interviewer: About 2 in the morning, 3 maybe

Health specialist: Why? What do you do that time?

Interviewer: My employees are based in countries with different time zones.

Health specialist: What time do you wake up?

Interviewer: About 9 o’clock

Health specialist: I go to sleep generally around 11, 11:30 and I try not to eat past 9 o’clock, I really try not to. Stay away from snacks. Natural is better. If you are going to snack, snack on a fruit, snack on a vegetable, but broccoli is great, asparagus is great, the problem is asparagus it makes you stinks but it cleans out. Liquor, liquor, get rid of the liquor too.

Interviewer: Yeah but you drink occasionally on social occasions, don’t you?

Health specialist: Yes, I do, but I’m not downing one when I go home, you know what I mean. I don’t know if you do that, do you?

Interviewer: No, I don’t do that, I only do that if I go out.

Health specialist: If you are going to drink, drink vodka only, because it’s the lightest type of liquor that you can have.

Interviewer: Vodka and soda you mean?

Health specialist: Vodka with water ideally, not even soda. Don’t drink anything carbonated man. You drink diet cokes a lot?

Interviewer: No but I do, the only time that I ever drink diet coke is when I order a Jack and diet, like you now; if I’m out and about I will have a Jack and diet, so I got to switch that up.

Health specialist: If you’re out and about that’s fine, but if you really, like how often do you go out, every week?

Interviewer: No, but not really but like for example I went to a wedding this weekend, so at the wedding I had a few drinks, I had like a Patrón and pineapple. It’s probably a lot of sugar because the pineapple.

Health specialist: Right, the pineapple is full of sugar.  If you follow my instructions, I guarantee you, within a month, you will see a dramatic change, you’ll knock 10 lbs. right off the bat, you know, within one month, call it even more.

Interviewer: For example, what am I going to have for lunch today, right now?

Health specialist: You can have blackened salmon, with broccoli, have a lot of broccoli!  Drink a lot of water, you should be drinking water all day long, take a gallon, if you have a gallon with you and you’re drinking water all day long, you’ll feel full all day long, you’ll be fine.

Interviewer: How about coffee? If I drink 1 cup of coffee a day is that bad?

Health specialist: With no sugar?

Interviewer: With no sugar, wait, hold on, let me think - I do put 1 pump of mocha in there

Health specialist: Mocha?

Interviewer: Like from Duncan donuts I will get no sugar, low fat milk and 1 pump of mocha, like chocolate mocha, just to give it.

Health specialist: That’s pure sugar, that’s pure sugar, just have it with no sugar, remember sugar is the devil

Interviewer: How about skimmed milk?

Health specialist: I try not to have, other than the few pieces of cheese that I have, I try not to have it, milk does not agree with me, so you can have that if you want. I would stay away; I would drink water. Oh and then you need the supplements too. You would need fish oil, I would do some vitamin C and vitamin D.

Interviewer: I am going to stay away from carbs in the next few weeks and see how I feel!

Health specialist: No, again you are thinking wrong, I didn’t say stay away from carbs because broccoli is full of carbs.

Interviewer: Well I’ll stay away from the starches and that’s my weakness and also I eat at night when I work and it’s a terrible thing of mine, terrible habit. You know I get hungry when I work at 12: 30 at night; I take sometimes I will see chips I grab the chips or something it’s terrible

Health specialist: That’s unhealthy, always, don’t forget!

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