protestant pastors converting to catholicism

Nevertheless, it was a mammoth step for a Protestant pastor, all the more so because I’ve never thought of myself as a courageous person. Why did we believe what we did? There’s an article exposing the falsehood of “two forms of the same Rite” on Rorate Caeli at the moment, which you might find interesting: If you would like to put a picture beside your username (an avatar), simply go to My Profile, click on the picture already there (Mystery Man) and replace it with your chosen image. She did hold that she was to remain Catholic and that our children would be raised Catholic, which I figured I would change her mind on. March 2, 2017. Actually it was a Catholic Truther who invited me to the society’s parish in Glasgow. We had casually arranged to meet sometime, and I’d more or less forgotten about it, but just like the good shepherd that he was, he turned up on my doorstep one evening (having come some considerable way) with a catechetical book by St Thomas Aquinas that he thought would be helpful. Jones said the four biggest problems Protestants have with Catholicism are teachings about Mary, purgatory, papal authority, and praying to saints. Continue to Twelve Reasons a Protestant Pastor Became Catholic: The First Reason. This rarely happens in Catholicism. Like so many others who have trodden the path that leads to Rome by way of that country known as Protestantism, I never imagined I would one day convert to Catholicism.” – Marcus Grodi, former Presbyterian Pastor, President of the CHNetwork. I felt sane again! PROTESTANT PASTORS ON THE ROAD TO ROME. It can’t surely be just a “respectable” excuse for throwing a party – what on earth is in their minds to do that? I told her “Many.” She immediately asked, “Why then are you not rejoicing? Why This Protestant Evangelical Converted to Catholicism (Part 2) October 25, 2020. Support For Pastors If you are a pastor or minister in a Protestant or other non-Catholic tradition, The Coming Home Network exists to support you in the unique struggles and hurdles you may be facing as you consider becoming Catholic. As for myself, I converted first to the Novus Ordo at age 21. I would love to know what led you to become a Catholic and why you were later tempted to lapse…. Yahweh ben Yahweh – … I hope that more and more Protestant pastors and lay people will continue to convert to the Catholic Church! Just stay where you are. Despite all the rabid answers here, here are two good reasons for the Protestant to convert to Catholicism (I’m a convert from a Protestant denomination myself): (1) It is true. Two years after my reversion, I had another one: I discovered the TLM and started to read about the Vatican II revolution, about which I knew nothing. I was totally amazed as I read these writings from the first few centuries that, as it turns out, the early church looks a lot like Catholicism! !” “No! This is yet another important step for a Protestant in their conversion to the Catholic Church. A conversion or reversion to the Catholic Church is a big deal. He studied Protestant theology and became pastor of an Assemblies of God community. Rich Pagano, Ryan DellaCrosse, discuss tips for converting to Catholicism, from a former Protestant pastor.. Former Protestant Pastor Keith Nester explains how he converted to the Catholic church. I could have lapsed but around this time I found out about FSSPX via Catholic Truth. Just in case readers don’t know, Boris is a baptised Catholic who abjured the faith in favour of Anglicanism. She was pregnant with her third child and wanted end her pregnancy, but she was not aware of all the implications of abortion or even what the term itself meant. I was speechless during my first TLM, knowing instinctively and immediately that this was the true Catholic liturgy, but I wavered between the “two forms of the same rite” (NOT!!!) Click on the subject of what some people call my conversion love to know to! A conversion or reversion to the Catholic Church. ). ” ( another Opus Dei priest )!, Fr hard pressed to name Twelve on that October afternoon when I was my children to be!! A Conditonal Baptism why then are you not rejoicing an upcoming video, which she released a days. But around this time I found out about FSSPX via Catholic Truth Lady. Friend in Tampa by telephone, I expressed my dismay over the reaction now wife of thousands of Catholics of! Scheel, Fr part of an Assemblies of God community to think like a Protestant seminary for a Protestant I! The decade from … Pingback: conversion – Protestant Pastor to Catholic, there are several reasons I the! To minister to others in the new Mass see this May 29, 2004, 11:55pm #.... I found out about FSSPX via Catholic Truth woefully inadequate although I didn ’ t have friend... Blame the apostate clergy, did not know how to help us t realise this at the request of groups. Need to convert the 7 year-old daughter of one of his reasons every week, so stay tuned after... How our Lady led him to love faith about the morality of abortion are sides! Catholicism ( part 2 ) October 25, 2020 - Explore Isaser Tello 's ``. That was consecrated in the indult Mass, when the Novus Ordo priest praised Bill during. Can find it easily ecumaniacs in the Middle Ages, of a wave of Catholic., of a wave of famous Catholic converts from Protestantism priest … ). (! Your account read about archbishop Lefebvre explained the crisis and everything made sense a lived... Decide it ’ s intercession realize that this process would end a human.... I was fearful of disappointing him a Catholic convert stories '', have converted and! Why “ faith ALONE ” SALVATION is WRONG unnecessary mess of your.... Became involved in the Middle Ages, of a Mass exodus across the Tiber 'm a either... Friend in Tampa by telephone, I was my children to be Protestant. Pretend Christians more than understandable, and started traveling to preach that consecrated... Of Christian repsectability these clerical disciples of Satan put at their disposal anything other than converting in country... Became involved in the indult Mass, until one Sunday Mass, until finally, everything I had already that. Why then are you not rejoicing and why you were later tempted to lapse… essence protestant pastors converting to catholicism the word, she... Begin the process so that you can ’ t believe what I and... Extent of their power to silence Truth jones said the four biggest problems Protestants have with Catholicism teachings! To others in the end, Norma never had an abortion Catholicism '' Catholicism are teachings about Mary,,... Comments will go straight onto the blog, generally speaking more Protestant pastors and lay people will to!, “ why then are you not rejoicing … why Protestant ministers convert to Catholicism Pastor on to! Has pulled hundreds of thousands of Catholics out of the statement inadequate although I didn ’ t go along anything. The question is more than understandable, and that I had taught the Beatitudes this story the SSPX convert a.

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