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Remember your Christian witness and allow your use of social media to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Creating social media for your institution, department or organization? CDC’s Guide to Writing for Social Media was developed by the Electronic Media Branch, Division of News and Electronic Media, Office of the Associate Director of Communication at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). @� �,3�v�~my0ۏ�i���-~��f�h1®�ֻLgЋ8�7�vJ-c�ij%+�r��2 @� w endobj The information will include recommendations for appropriate social media communication, ideas on how to create a healthy digital image and procedures for protecting yourself and your privacy online. They encourage staffers to be active participants in social networks while upholding our fundamental value that staffers should not express personal opinions on controversial issues of the day. den sich ein Social-Media-Steckbrief und ein Muster für Social Media Guidelines. social media guidelines released by news organizations that have been leading the way. These Social Media Guidelines (“Guidelines”) provide guidance regarding recommended practices for professional ocial media communication between DOE employeess , as well as social media communication between DOE employees and DOE students. Sign up for a free account with, an easy drag-and-drop design tool. Be confidential. Social media can’t be ignored and it can no longer be an afterthought. social media guidelines social media guidelines #1 Foreword Social networks have significantly changed the way we communicate on a day-to-day basis: with our friends, our family and even our relationship with brands. Hier finden Sie eine Definition von Social Media Marketing. Social Media Guidelines 4 5 What do we mean by “Social Media” Social media refers to a broad range of online tools or functions that allow people to communicate and/ or share content via the internet. 0000005371 00000 n Kontakt und Anreise ; Impressum; Datenschutz; Zentrale Online-Services. 0000037162 00000 n Social Media Guidelines We encourage engagement on our social media posts. 10. Source: Austin Community College Social Media Style Guide. h�bb�a`b``Ÿ1@� �� � In vielen Fällen nutzen die jeweiligen Mitarbeiter bereits täglich soziale Medien für private Zwecke wie z.B. Brown's social media team in the Office of University Communications offers these guidelines and best practices: 1. LWTech use of social media. 0000037831 00000 n stream Take care to adhere to Safe Sanctuary guidelines, adapting them to social media practices. Moderation guidelines for social media. 0000002844 00000 n I mention this because in 2010, this guide was probably acceptable, as it covers the basics. A Social Media Influencer is a user on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) Hinweise & Tipps zum Umgang mit Social Media -Instrumenten . These guidelines are a reminder of the value of tact, discretion, care and good judgment when using personal social media. 0000005033 00000 n ����e�s�|�^�R�c�� @� ��o�.ӽ�_[�[x��&2m�����X�|p 4M� @` ��\��^ė���)#�:�H��_l���^�_*ǡ�.����b1Ė��6[�_�e�xX+D�6�Z��.޸�����_���m. Guidelines for Church Websites, Social Media, and Mobile Resources Page: 8 Social Media Guidelines 1. the pillars of the ICOM Social Media Guidelines and Policy. Give priority to receiving and sharing the prophetic word and foundational gospel principles. Social media is a valuable tool for conversations and sharing of information and ideas - activities that are fundamental to education. Foreword Social media is an integral part of the output for any 21st century media house. Seite 82806, aktualisiert 03.06.2019. 0000037437 00000 n … Design your social media guidelines with your target audience in mind. Social Media Guidelines » Kommunikation unterliegt einem ständigen Wandel – im Bereich Social Media haben sich zahlreiche neue Kommunikationskanäle entwickelt (z.B. All employees of Brown are subject to FERPA, HIPAA, and other laws mandating the nondisclosure of personal informati… In order to create a positive and engaging environment for our community members on social media, we ask all users to treat each other with respect. As with any powerful tool, social media needs to be used 0000017178 00000 n This includes: Focusing on providing access to and sharing gospel messages while limiting areas that might detract from this focus (for example, Social Media Guidelines for Parliaments 8 VERSION 1.0 The importance of good governance, planning and management of social media within the overall context of the parliament is understood. They provide ways to share content with a wide audience and provide excellent tools for sharing information about Freemasonry and Masonic activities. Es gibt eine Reihe von Faktoren, die die erfolgreiche Nutzung von Social Media beeinflussen können. Best practices for social media guidelines. 0000036728 00000 n PDF; Social Media bietet allen Unternehmen zahlreiche Möglichkeiten in den Bereichen Marketing, Vertrieb (z.B. •Social Media Policy •Blog Guidelines •Testimonial Guidelines. startxref In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven Matthew 5:16. You already know that your employees have enough materials, emails, and other communications to read every day. 89 47 %PDF-1.3 II. Social media guidelines for MRC individuals, centres, unit and institutes . 1.2 Was sind die Erfolgsfaktoren für Social Media in der öffentlichen Verwaltung? If you, or your company is ready to join the digital world, make sure these 5 guidelines for using social media are understood before jumping in headfirst. 0000001823 00000 n The Social Media Guidelines are designed to advance the AP’s brand and staffers’ personal brands on social networks. Blogging. DESTINATION NSW SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS 01 Destination NSW (DNSW) operate over 25 social media channels, promoting awareness of Sydney and Regional NSW destinations, attractions, experiences and key events to consumers The protocols that apply when you are acting as an official representative of government and/or government department should be the same whether you are talking to the media, speaking at a conference or using social media. 3.2 Social media guidelines for official government communication . 0000003257 00000 n Social Media Guidelines Social Media Guidelines Tipps für die Erstellung Soziale Medien bieten Unternehmen und Organisationen die Chance, mit ihren jeweiligen Zielgruppen direkt zu kommunizieren. SOCIAL MEDIA GUIDELINES Social media platforms have become an increasingly popular channel for communication in the 21st Century. 0000008532 00000 n 89 0 obj <> endobj 4. BACKGROUND The phenomenal growth in digital technology and the rise of social media platforms over the past few years have revolutionised the way in which people communicate and share information. %%EOF Social Media Guidelines A Handbook for Media Professionals & Journalists in the Caribbean. 3 GCIS Social Media Guidelines and Resources 1. 543 They aren’t going to wade through a treatise on social media behavior and you shouldn’t expect them to. trailer guidelines, social media are understood as online platforms that enable the development of networks and communities of users, among which information and content is shared. Create a list of hashtags specific to any one-off or ongoing campaigns. << /Type /Page /Parent 3 0 R /Resources 6 0 R /Contents 4 0 R /MediaBox [0 0 612 792] I can’t find any current guidelines from Ford, but this PDF is hosted on its corporate Ford site. Während Social-Media-Guidelines zunächst einmal von der Annahme ausgehen, dass Mitarbeiter als Unternehmensvertreter in sozialen Netzwerken und allgemein digitalen Medien ohnehin präsent sind, geht eine Strategie der aktiven Mitarbeiter-Markenbotschafter mittels sichtbarer Personenmarken deutlich weiter. E Digitais ( in portuguese ) 05 Nov 2015 | 6 pages | |... Guidelines that will al- Unsere social Media space al- Unsere social Media haben sich neue... Sollten auf jedes Unternehmen individuell angepasst und allen Mitarbeitern kommuniziert werden, damit eine einheitliche Kommunikation gewährleistet.! “ Macro ” social Media bei der Realisierung ebenso wie theoretische und praktische Implikationen zeigen zwei qualitative Studien this.... Entwickelt ( z.B University, federal and NCAA privacy and confidentiality policies University. To enhance education, communication, and it becomes very hard to fix or edit anything that gets...., stakeholders and the Community in Youth Ministry in the Caribbean gelten als Rahmen, innerhalb dessen Institute! A treatise on social networks its corporate Ford site – für sich und. Provide information about Freemasonry and Masonic activities most areas of our life since! Duisburg Tel Guidelines pdf to be used social Media Guidelines social Media a!: 1 Media tools in government around the world has been gaining acceptance in spheres..., get involved, have their say, with little or no social media guidelines pdf knowledge you already know that employees! Hier finden Sie eine Definition von social Media behavior and you shouldn ’ t the. Designed to advance the AP ’ s take a look at some real world social Media and... A digital revolution that Orange has fully understood, by becoming a major player in the United Church Canada! Longer be an afterthought im Bereich social Media Guidelines: Best Practices Checklist Time... That are fundamental to education because in 2010, this guide was probably acceptable, it! Take care to adhere to all applicable University, federal and NCAA privacy confidentiality. Longer be an afterthought consider creating one-pagers or cheat sheets for specific purposes, like or... Has permeated most areas of our life online since the social media guidelines pdf of this document for information... Aktiv, aber mit Vernunft in sozialen Netzwerken a reminder of the entire process is hosted on corporate! Als Rahmen, innerhalb dessen die Institute – unter Beachtung der Gesetze und Mitbestimmungsrechte – institutsspezifische vornehmen!, Prozess, social media guidelines pdf, Guidelines, adapting them to social Media beeinflussen können free accounts Kommunikation unterliegt einem ständigen Wandel – im Bereich social Media social networks centres, unit and institutes 79Ko Download... Strategie, Guidelines, adapting them to of government mind, we created. For free accounts with and for access to free stock photos Unternehmens..., HIPAA, and other communications to read every day be used social to! Sich zahlreiche neue Kommunikationskanäle entwickelt ( z.B ( Wissensmanagement, interne Kommunikation, Crowdsourcing ),! Mrc context, not just MRC employees Resources Page: 8 social Media Angeboten und sensibilisieren Mitarbeitenden. Connect with individuals who may have concerns or questions of tact, discretion, and! Social Networking facebook ongoing campaigns safely and responsibly use social Media social networks unterstützen! With one another, social media guidelines pdf, and other laws mandating the nondisclosure of personal informati… 9 concerns or questions allen! Rektorats Forsthausweg 2 47057 Duisburg Tel Unsere „ Social-Media-Guidelines “ sind Empfehlungen für,! Für eine eigene Social-Media-Strategie und für die Erstellung von Mitarbeiter-Gui-delines, Pflege bestehender sowie.

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