8 Clever Ways to Hack Your Brain

8 Clever Ways to Hack Your Brain

Your brain may not be the largest organ in your body, but it uses 20 percent of your body’s energy on a daily basis to function. Having a brain that is sharp and strong is super important when it comes to overall health and well-being. So how can you make sure that your brain is the strongest it can be? Simple daily or weekly activities can make your brain more efficient over time. Try one of these ideas to improve your brain health and boost your memory.


The practice of yoga focuses on both the body and the mind. Being successful in yoga means not only being able to do downward dog and other poses, but also being mentally present in the movements. Try going to a yoga class or performing yoga in your house once a week to see how it can improve your concentration and health. Learn Dr. Oz’s easy morning yoga routine here. 

Inner Fire Meditation

Meditation is similar to yoga in the sense that it is about being mindful and fully aware in the moment. This specific type of meditation raises your body’s temperature as your level on focus becomes elevated. By breathing deeply and slowly and visualizing a flame in the center of your torso, your body temperature elevates. Scientists have studied this type of meditation and have concluded that brain waves change during the meditation process, elevating your energy levels and brain function. Start out by learning a meditation routine for beginners here. 

Practice Word Association

Memory is a brain function that many people seek to improve. Simple word association games with names, places, and other things you need to remember can be extremely helpful. Try to match a name to an adjective with the same letter (i.e. Joyful John) in order to remember names and faces.

Focus Burst

Similar to interval exercise training, focus bursts help your brain hone in on the task at hand in order to complete work in a more efficient way. Our brains do not work as well if we are doing work while also checking emails and social media, texting, etc. Do your brain a favor and focus solely on your work for five minutes and then take a two-minute break. Sectioning off time for work and play will allow your brain to reset, making you more productive and your brain more focused.

Practice Mindfulness

As mentioned above, it is important that you are always present and in the moment for whatever activity you are doing. Tune your ears and your brain into the task at hand, whether it is working, being at an event, or listening to a conversation. Despite popular belief, our brains are horrible multitaskers and would do much better if they needed to do only one thing at a time. Starting to practice mindfulness can be easy with Dr. Oz's comprehensive Blueprint for Balance guide.

Take Care of Yourself

Eating, exercise, and sleep are all very important functions that make our body run. Since our brain needs our energy in order to function, keeping up good wellness practices directly correlates with a sharp, healthy, mind.  So eat good foods, exercise a couple times a week, and make sure you’re getting seven to nine hours of sleep a night for optimal brain function.

Get a New Hobby

It’s important to exercise your body not only physically, but mentally as well – and new hobbies do just that. New activities give way to new, unexplored thought processes that challenge the mind. Do something you’re interested in that challenges you and your brain on new levels in order to continuously strengthen your mind.

Brain Dance

Do a dance with your brain to improve cognitive function by crossing your right hand to your left knee and vice versa. Balance and coordination slowly deteriorate over time as you age, but this brain dance helps decrease the aging process. The left side of your brain controls the right side of your body, so the brain dance really helps the sides of your brain communicate and strengthen their signals, increasing coordination and improving memory.

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