7 Simple Tips for The Best Workout

Harder workouts always help you achieve your health related goals quickly - no matter you are headed to build some muscles, get rid of extra weight, maintain your heath, improve your confidence or gain new skills. Consider these simple tips suggested by experienced trainers and health experts to make your workout sessions much more productive. These “very little effort required” tips help you feel get powered with energy, both physically and mentally.


Breathe for a Minute Prior to Workouts- The first tip to a productive exercise session is to get in the right mindset. Focus on your breathing to reduce any form of stress, whether it is related to your job, relationship or financial condition. Phoenix Carnevale, a professional trainer at Equinox and martial artist has suggested this tip personally and actively applies it during his heavy workouts.


Positive Self-Talk - Self-Talk is often neglected and not considered seriously. Carnevale suggests talking to yourself using affirmations of any form that works for you. Examples of affirmations include: “I’ve got this” and “It’s my time now.” Whenever it is time to exercise - give your all to your workout sessions. This way, you prevent yourself from giving up or being extra critical. Angela Mader, a professional trainer and founder of Fitlosophy, also suggests taking a few minutes prior to workouts to document about something you love about your body and what it can achieve. She suggests believing in your capabilities. Believe that your legs can squat like a professional, or your upper torso is getting closer to handle pull-ups. Jot these down, no matter where!

Listen to music that energizes - Positive self-talk is not the only option to get in the right mindset. Amelia DiDomenico, C.P.T., master trainer at Crunch Gyms listens to her favorite tracks during workout sessions. She adds saying that-motivational You Tube videos inspire and help get your mind in the right zone.

Eliminate Distracters - Stay away from distracters and fully concentrate on your workouts. Carnevale suggests putting your mobile on airplane mode. Checking emails, social media and responding to messages waste a lot of time of yours and make it difficult to focus on one particular activity. Remember: this is the time for you to workout. Dedicate that 1 hour wholly to yourself, to your health!


Have a Workout Program - “Your secret weapon is a precise plan to follow, which means - you know what to do when you are at gym,” shares Jared Kaplan, founder of Studio 26. Know what you have to do so you will be ready when you get to the gym. In case the gym you are visiting is large – Carnevale suggests becoming familiar with gym layout not to waste time. It is highly recommended to explore the gym and get familiar in some details. shop-now-gif

Foam Rolling - “Foal rolling plays an important role to break up “knots” in your muscles that can reduce full mobility,” says DiDomenico. The other term for this is “self-myofascial release” because you are releasing knots and tightness in fascia area, or connective tissue. It improves your mobility which means – you will be able to get deeper into workouts.

“Remember: you are required to follow your workout program however you can be flexible too,” suggest Mader. If your next exercise needs bench rows but the bench is not free – simply move on to the next part of your program and come back to that later. Let’s repeat this: follow your program but learn to be flexible too!



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