7 infusions that can increase metabolism, brighten up skin and more.

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Mornings are sacred, for more reasons than one. It’s the right time to set the mood for the day, which is why so many people use this time to meditate, make affirmations and exercise. What you eat or drink first thing in the morning also makes a huge difference to your health. Downing an espresso with a smoke on empty stomach is the recipe for an acidic, inflammatory constitution that will lead to illness sooner or later. On the contrary if you drink plain, warm water, it helps flush out all toxins and helps you stay hydrated as soon as you begin your day. However, if you really want to boost health and beauty (both of them are interrelated after all) you must drink infused water. Remember, the lemon and honey water your mum drinks in the morning? It’s infused water.

We got Dr Loveneet Batra, Delhi-based sports nutritionist and founder, Arbhavya, to suggest various infused waters you can drink to get rid of toxins, reduce water retention, improve digestion, or even get great skin and hair. Just remember that they must be had first thing on an empty stomach.

The problem: Digestion, menstrual cramps
The solution: Ajwain (or carom seeds) water. Boil a tsp of carom seeds in water, let it soak overnight and then drink in the morning. This will help remove all digestive issues and also relieve period pain.

The problem: Water retention
The solution: Zeera (or cumin) infused water. You just need to soak cumin seeds overnight in a glass of water, then strain and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning. Cumin is safe for everyone to drink because it has no contraindications (harmful properties).

The problem: UTI and water retention
The solution: Boil a tsp of barley in a little more than one glass of water till only one full glass is left. Let it sit overnight. Strain in the morning and drink. Barley works as a diuretic and therefore helps in recurring UTI.

The problem: Blood pressure
The solution: Coriander seed-infused water. Soak 1 tsp of these seeds overnight in a glass of water. Then drink in the morning. Not only does this help lower blood pressure, it also alkalises the body.

The problem: Cholesterol
The solution: Methi (or fenugreek) seeds soaked overnight in water, to be had first thing in the morning.

The problem: Poor metabolism and bad skin
The solution: Wheatgrass water or fresh wheatgrass juice first thing in the morning. Take a tsp of wheatgrass powder and mix it fresh in the morning. Drink immediately. This flushes toxins and boosts metabolism by improving liver function.

The problem: Low energy
The solution: Infuse a few slices of raw potato in a glass of water overnight and strain and drink in the morning to increase energy.

Vasudha Rai is a certified yoga teacher and has been writing on beauty, health and wellness for 15 years. Find her at Vbeauty.co

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