6 morning habits that can boost your weight loss success


By Stephanie Bucklin

Mornings can set the mood for the rest of your day, so it’s no surprise that your a.m. actions can have a big effect on your weight loss success. Fox News spoke to Lauren Blake, an R.D. at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, and Astrid Swan, a Los Angeles-based personal trainer, fitness model, and athlete, to get their tips on the best morning habits for weight loss:

1. Open the curtains in the morning

It may seem like a small thing, but just opening the curtains in the morning for a blast of UV light can have mood-boosting, energizing effects, Blake said. Another benefit? She noted that people who get a daily dose of sunshine have lower BMIs than people who don’t, as shown in a 2014 study published in the journal PLOS ONE.

2. Do some gentle stretches

As you get up, do some slow, gentle stretching to warm up, Swan recommended. “You need to take that few moments to yourself to get everything flowing for the morning,” she told Fox News. Try slowly twisting your spine, or pulling your knees into your chest, she said.

3. Eat breakfast to kick-start your metabolism

Many studies have shown that people who don’t eat breakfast have an increased risk of being overweight or obese, Blake noted. But eating breakfast can kick-start your metabolism, increase your alertness, improve your mood, and help with blood glucose control.

Some healthy breakfast ideas are avocado toast with eggs, Greek yogurt with bananas, or a healthy pancake and a few egg whites, Swan said.

4. Squeeze in some exercise

Morning exercise can improve your mood and jump-start your metabolism, Blake said. Swan agreed, noting that even if you feel groggy when you first wake up, after you exercise, you’ll have more energy as the day progresses.

5. Stay hydrated

“Hydration is so important,” Blake explained. “I always recommend drinking about 16 ounces of water in the morning, at least.” She noted that some studies show dehydrated bodies can burn up to 2 percent fewer calories at rest, and that staying hydrated can help keep you from overeating.

6. Pack some snacks for the day

Set yourself up for success by packing snacks for your day, Blake recommended. That way, when hunger hits, you have healthy and ready-to-go foods to keep you full and satisfied.

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