5 No-Fail Nighttime Weight Loss Tips

5 No-Fail Nighttime Weight Loss Tips


Bedtime Slim-Down Tricks

Generally, losing weight feels like a lot of work. To slim down, you have to come up with an exercise plan, revamp your diet, and even be mindful of your stress levels. (After all, Body Fat Can Trigger a Stress-Weight Gain Cycle.) But there are also little tweaks you can make to your before-bed routine (everything from adjusting the temp to setting your alarm a smarter way) that can help supercharge your weight loss. These five after-dark strategies will help you slim while you sleep—even more so if you pair them with P.M. Skincare Products That Work While You Snooze.

Down a Protein Shake

While conventional wisdom tells us that eating before bed is bad news for your waistline, a new study found that a small snack could actually aid weight loss. Florida State University researchers found that people who drank a 150-calorie protein shake 30 to 60 minutes before bed experienced a faster metabolism, lower blood pressure, and better metabolic function

Black Out the Bedroom

For years now, you've heard that using electronics or exposing yourself to other types of light at night can disrupt your sleep. But even dim light at night can make you gain weight, research in the Journal of Biological Rhythms shows. If you live in a bright area, consider investing in blackout curtains for your bedroom, break your habit of sleeping with the TV on, and even turn your alarm clock around so the light isn't shining in your eyes at night. Absolutely can't break your e-reading at night habit? Here's how to Use Tech at Night and Still Sleep Soundly.

Plan Ahead

Pack a healthy lunch for the next day (or prep a Healthy Breakfast Recipe You Can Freeze). Pack your gym bag and stash it by the door. Tape a reminder to meditate or do a few yoga poses on your bathroom mirror. When you're in a morning fog, it's harder to remember or find the motivation to do all the little things that are key to keeping you healthy and slim. So at night, do everything you can do make those healthy routines automatic.

Crank an AC

In a study in the journal Diabetes, young male volunteers who slept in rooms cooled to 66°F doubled their volumes of brown fat (the "good," calorie-burning type of fat), compared to when they slept in 75° rooms. One caveat: If you plan on getting busy, you may want to keep warm socks nearby. Research from the Netherlands found that women have an easier time orgasming when they aren't distracted by cold feet.

Set Your Alarm

Women who woke up within roughly the same hour-long window each morning weighed less than those who woke at drastically different times, according to a study from Brigham Young University. That doesn't affect just your weight, though: Even a two-hour difference can up your risk of heart disease and cancer, other studies show. But since losing just an hour of sleep can make you hungrier and more likely to reach for unhealthy foods, make sure you're heading to bed early enough each night to log at least seven hours before your alarm goes off.

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