4 Vital Psychological Techniques for Weight Control..

To know what you have to eat and what not to lose or maintain a proper weight is not enough, but the main key is in your own mind i.e. in your thoughts, emotions and behavior. These are precisely the issues that must be controlled to be successful in losing weight, especially when maintained throughout time, instead of recovering quickly after weeks or months of effort. Here are some ideas that will help you.

1. Control your Attention

While you are on a diet, your mind will play tricks. Suddenly, thoughts appear in your head such as:

  • I want to take an ice cream.
  • I'm hungry, I need a drink now.
  • I want a beer.
  • Dieting is horrible, I cannot take it anymore.

If you focus your attention on such thoughts, the results will be disastrous. Therefore, do not let your thoughts catch you, let them occur and do not try to repress or fight against them, just watch them as if you saw a cloud moving in the sky and pass by, followed by focusing your attention on something else or whatever you are doing at the time. That is controlling your attention to control your mind and this is what is called mindfulness and practice will help you control your attention and keep your thoughts get caught and control.

2. Control your Environment

If you open the fridge or kitchen cupboard and see all kinds of sweets and foods high in calories, it will be much more difficult to stick to your diet. Instead, have your fridge full of fruits and vegetables. If you are eating at a restaurant, you better stick with your diet and choose vegetarian food, Chinese, Japanese or something similar instead of going to a pizza or burger. You must exercise control over your environment and stimuli that you receive from it and also exercise to control over your behavior.

3. Eat healthy

Even if your main objective to dieting is to lose weight, it can also be a good opportunity to improve your eating habits, making them healthier. Thus, when temptations appear to skip the diet, you better have motivation to stick to it because it not only will help you lose weight, but you also feel better and have better health. Think that if you ate too much junk food, sugar and fat, notice that by eating healthier, you start having a better mood and more energy and vitality.

4. Take Multivitamin Every Day

Taking vitamins and minerals will help your body to get nourished better and you will have fewer cravings for certain foods.

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