4 Surprising Beauty Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar You Need This Season

by Jane Chertoff

Coconut oil, green tea, cucumber… if you’re a DIY beauty enthusiast, you prob already know about the bounty of beauty tools that can be found right in your kitchen. One of the most versatile products in your pantry, however, might be one that you’ve overlooked — and trust us; it delivers some major beauty results. That’s right — we’re talking about apple cider vinegar. While it may not cure a cold, ACV can do so much for you other than just dress your salad. Here are four IRL ideas that might surprise you.

1. Use it as a dry shampoo. Did you run out of your trusty Batiste again? Don’t head into work looking like a bedhead. All you’ll need to do is mix about five drops of ACV into a spray bottle of water and spritz on your roots to instantly bring your locks back to life.

2. Make a super potent facial. Even Ms. Kaling is obsessed AF with ACV. To help balance out her oily skin, she mixes it with Indian clay to create what’s known as the “world’s most powerful facial.” ACV acts as an intense toner and detoxifier that elevates this simple mask into a deep pore cleansing dynamo. PS: It’s under $25 for the two ingredients.

3. Brighten up that smile. Um, have you seen the price of teeth whiteners lately, or (eek!) asked your dentist how much it costs to whiten them? Let’s not even. You can try a DIY by mixing two parts ACV with baking soda, or even use it as a mouthwash (mix it with some water first!).

4. Soothe bug bites. Summer is on the way! Shorts season pretty much guarantees you’ll get some itchy bug bites. ACV can help with that too. Dilute a few drops in water and use a cotton swab to dab it on your bites. It will help reduce redness and swelling FTW.

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