Fitness Video Vibes


Fitness Video Vibes

The 10 Hottest Workout Videos You Can Learn From

Everyone knows that they need to stay in shape. One of the best ways to do that is with fitness videos. Get all the info you need here.

These videos are put together to give you a wider range of choices. Whatever your goals are - weight loss, strength building, a toned body – you will surely find a suitable routine from the 10 videos that are presented here.


The Pit Workout

The Pit workout is the first of ten fitness video vibes that can help you lose weight and become fit.
This workout presented in two DVDs features John Hackelman who is the trainer of Chuck Liddell, the current UFC LHW Champion. It is, as you can guess, primarily for fitness and strength building and thus involves full body, upper body, and lower body exercises.

Upper Body Routine

Like other workouts, the Pit workout for upper body strengthening starts with short stretching – elephants, jumping jacks, chain breakers, punching techniques and arm rotations. After this warm-up Hackelman leads you to the first routine- 30 seconds of shadow boxing followed by 30 seconds of burpees, then back. The routine covers 5 minutes. A water break lasting 45 seconds ends the first round.
The second round is still the burpees/shadow boxing routine, but this time the switch from burpees to shadow boxing is every 20 seconds. The second round is also five minutes and it ends with the 45 minute break.

The next stop is the pushup/punching drill, the longest of the upper body workout routines. Each set is 30 seconds and during that time you have to complete 20 push-ups or as many as you are able.
In between sets, you stand upright throwing punches related to the push-up you have just done. There various kinds of sit-ups you are to perform. Hackelman will guide you through them.



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